SEC Newsletter 6 June 2019

Welcome to the first SEC newsletter of the summer!

Please read on to find out about how credit cover works, our Sub-Committee vacancies, consultations on Modifications, SMETS1 developments and more. Also, don’t forget to save the date for the SEC Engagement Day on 11 July, we look forward to seeing you there.


You said, we listened!

Following your feedback through channels such as the SECAS customer satisfaction survey and Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) survey, we’ve been working hard to improve our services for you.  We are excited to launch the first phase of our website updates at the end of this week to improve your experience (keep a look out!), and we have significantly changed the Modification process to be more effective for you. To read more please click here.


What is credit cover and how may it affect you?

In simple terms, credit cover is held by the DCC, in the event that a SEC Party is unable to pay their monthly DCC charge. SEC Parties may have noticed recently that costs have been attributed to their Party for socialised costs due to a recent increase in SEC Parties ceasing trading.

Credit cover can reduce the amount that is socialised. Not all Parties are required to provide credit cover as per the current calculation, but it is important that all SEC Parties adhere to the credit cover requirements so as not to enter into an Event of Default.

If you would like to know how credit cover is calculated and how it affects SEC Parties, please click here to find out more or email


SEC Engagement Day 11 July 2019

We encourage SEC Parties to attend this year’s annual SEC Engagement Day on the 11 July – an agenda and email invite will be sent out shortly. You will have the chance to meet the SEC Panel, hear about smart issues and developments, participate in a range of workshops and network. It is a date not to miss!


SMKI PMA Nomination Outcome

We are pleased to announce that Paul Fitzgerald has been re-elected as a SMKI PMA member for Electricity Networks. Although the nomination period for SMKI Policy Management Authority (SMKI PMA) closed on 3 June 2019, the following seats remain vacant:

  • One Large Supplier; and
  • One Small Supplier.

If you, or someone you know would be interested in becoming a member, please get touch via


SMETS1 Enrolment and Adoption

The DCC recently announced that Enrolment and Adoption of SMETS1 meters into DCC systems will now begin on 28 July, with the start of Initial Operating Capability. More information on this topic will be included in our next newsletter.


Modifications currently out for Refinement Consultation

We are seeking Parties’ views on the Refinement Consultations for two Modification Proposals. These are:

This modification covers the capability for Over the Air (OTA) firmware updates for Pre-Payment Interface Devices (PPMIDs) and Home Area Connected Auxiliary Load Control Switches (HCALCSs). In-Home Displays (IHDs) have been proposed for removal to reduce the complexity of the proposed solution.

The Refinement Consultation asks you for the impacts, costs and lead times on your organisation to implement this modification, and how the removal of IHDs from the proposed solution will impact you and your consumers. You are invited to respond by 17 June by either completing the response form or emailing

This modification seeks to ensure that ZigBee attributes are available to Devices in SMETS2 to enable Devices to be notified of Change of Tenancy events. This will restrict access of the Devices to the previous tenant data. You are invited to respond to the Refinement Consultation by 20 June either using the response form or emailing


Documents being baselined for the November 2019 SEC Release

We will be baselining documentation for the November SEC Release over the next few days, and these will be available on the Developing SEC page of our website. Click here for more details or email


SEC Modcasts

We hope that you are continuing to enjoy our Modcasts (last week’s available here). You can listen to our next episode from tomorrow, which will provide an overview of the key activities taking place regarding all things SEC Change.


BEIS Publications

BEIS has published the following:

-A consultation on a proposal to direct the Data and Communications Company (DCC) to provide Enduring Change of Supplier (ECoS) arrangements for SMETS2 and enrolled SMETS1 smart meters. This builds on the current Transitional CoS arrangements. Further information is here. The deadline for responses to this consultation is 27 June.

-A consultation response on enrolment of Secure Meters into the DCC stating that the government will require the DCC to provide a SMETS1 service for Secure Meters. Click here for the original consultation.


Ofgem Publications

Recent Ofgem publications include:

-A discussion document on developing a framework to assess when it can end the Default Tariff Cap for domestic consumers. The deadline for responses is 9 July.

-Alongside the discussion document, Ofgem has announced a strategic review of microbusiness energy market and published an Opening Statement, with a deadline for comments of 21 June.

-An update on the way forward for the ‘ongoing requirements’ and ‘exit arrangements’ phases of the Supplier Licensing Review. This includes market exit and Supplier of Last Resort processes.


Date   Meeting, Event or Deadline  
10 June    Modification Question Hour  
10 June   Operations Group Meeting 21  
12 June    Security Sub-Committee Meeting 79 
14 June   SEC Panel Meeting 69 
17 June   Closing date for Refinement Consultation on SECMP0007 
18 June   Smart Metering Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 58 
19 June  Change Board Meeting 31 
20 June   Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 43 
20 June   Closing date for Refinement Consultation on SECMP 00056 
21 June   Deadline for comments on Ofgem strategic review of microbusiness energy market 
25 June   Change Sub-Committee 04 
26 June   Technical Advisory Group Meeting 56 
26 June  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 80 
27 June   Closing date for BEIS consultation on DCC design, development and implementation of smart meter enduring Change of Supplier 
July   Operations Group Meeting 22 
July   Monthly Working Group Meeting – July 2019 
11 July   SEC Engagement Day