Modifications - SEC


The SEC Modification Register presents an overview of all SEC modification proposals.

SECMP 0001Updating the SEC to reflect abolition of the National Consumer Council (NCC)Accepted - implemented27/05/2014
SECMP 0002Add New Command to Reset Debt RegistersAwaiting Authority Determination
SECMP 0003Deficiencies in the Service Request for setting Maximum Demand Configurable TimeWithdrawn29/06/2017
SECMP 0004Inclusion of Device Serial Number data item in the Smart Metering InventoryRejected29/09/2017
SECMP 0005Include Tariff and Register Labels in SMETS DevicesRefinement06/06/2019
SECMP 0006Specifying the number of digits for device displayAwaiting Implementation30/09/2018
SECMP 0007Firmware updates to IHDs and PPMIDsWorking Group Consultation01/06/2018
SECMP 0008Provision of a DCC Alert (formerly Service Request Error Response) for Quarantined Service RequestsAwaiting Implementation30/09/2018
SECMP 0009Centralised Firmware LibraryRefinement01/06/2018
SECMP 0010Introduction of triage arrangements for Communication HubsRefinement01/06/2018
SECMP 0011Including the MAP ID in the Smart Metering InventoryRejected02/06/2017
SECMP 0012Channel selection to support Shared HAN solutionsRefinement01/06/2018
SECMP 0013Smart meter device diagnostics and triageRefinement01/06/2016
SECMP 0014Standardise Formatting of Device IDWithdrawn02/11/2017
SECMP 0015GPF timestamp for reading instantaneous Gas valuesRefinement01/06/2018
SECMP 0016Consideration of Accepted - implemented01/04/2017
SECMP 0017CGR Phase 3 outcomes: Code Administrator to chair modification Working GroupsAccepted - implemented17/08/2016
SECMP 0018Standard Electricity Distributor Configuration SettingsRefinement01/06/2018
SECMP 0019ALCS Description LabelsRefinement02/11/2017
SECMP 0020Removal of the confidential classification of the unique identifiers listed in SEC Schedule 5Accepted - implemented14/12/2016
SECMP 0021Increase the representation of the “Other SEC Party” category on the SSC and TABASCRejected10/07/2017
SECMP 0022Expanding SMKI PMA membership and removing Alternate restrictionsAccepted - implemented14/12/2016
SECMP 0023Correct Units of Measure for Uncontrolled Gas Flow RateReport Phase27/06/2019
SECMP 0024Enduring Approach to Communication Hub Firmware ManagementRefinement01/06/2018
SECMP 0025Electricity Network Party Access to Load Switching InformationRefinement01/06/2018
SECMP 0026Changes to the Security Sub-Committee Nomination ProcessAccepted - implemented15/03/2017
SECMP 0027Amending Service Request ForecastingRefinement29/11/2018
SECMP 0028Prioritising Service RequestsRefinement16/12/2017
SECMP 0029Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Testing AmendmentsRefinement28/06/2018
SECMP 0030Demand Management of DCC SystemsWithdrawn
SECMP 0031Adding UTRN Functionality to SMETSRefinement
SECMP 0032Prioritising Prepayment Customers in No WAN SituationsRefinement27/06/2019
SECMP 0033Update to CH Handover Support MaterialsAccepted - implemented11/05/2017
SECMP 0034Changes to the SEC Section D for DCC analysis provisionsAwaiting Implementation01/11/2018
SECMP 0035Updates to SEC Appendix B – Organisation ARL expiration date to be aligned to DCCKI ARLAccepted - implemented12/07/2017
SECMP 0036Single User ID for Users acting in one or more User RolesAccepted - implemented14/09/2017
SECMP 0037Pairing Local PPMIDsRefinement01/06/2019
SECMP 0038Sending Commands via PPMIDsRefinement01/06/2020
SECMP 0039Communication Hub returns notification mechanism for Other SEC PartiesRefinement01/11/2018
SECMP 0040Changes to how DCC Users schedule and carry out User Security Assessments after completion of the User Entry ProcessAccepted - implemented22/11/2017
SECMP 0041Amending the Change Board decision making rules for Modification ProposalsRefinement01/11/2018
SECMP 0042Amendment to SMKI Services to provide DCC Users and/or SMKI Participants with Authorised Responsible Officer (ARO) Statistics and InformationRefinement01/09/2018
SECMP 0044User Security Assessment of a Shared ResourceRefinement01/11/2018
SECMP 0043Modification to Services Force Majeure Provisions Refinement21/06/2018
SECMP 0045Incorporation of the requirements of the General Data Protection RegulationsAwaiting Authority Determination25/05/2018
SECMP 0046Allow DNOs to control Electric Vehicle chargers connected to Smart Meter infrastructureRefinement
SECMP 0047Default Provisions for Other SEC PartiesReport Phase
SECMP 0048Extension of SMETS gas Valve exemption to include Large Gas Meters installed at Domestic PremisesInitial Consideration
SECMP 0049Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification ProcessInitial Consideration
SECMP 0050Section D Review: Moving the Working Group Terms of Reference to a separate documentInitial Consideration
SECMP 0051Section D Review: Amendments to the Fast Track Modification processInitial Consideration

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