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SEC Releases

This table lists all of the SEC Releases that have taken place and the scope for future releases. Please note these don’t include BEIS designations and standalone Modification Proposal implementations.

SEC ReleaseImplementation DateStatus
November 2018 SEC Release1 November 2018Implemented
February 2019 SEC Release28 February 2019Implemented
June 2019 SEC Release27 June 2019Implemented
November 2019 SEC Release29 November 2019Implemented
February 2020 SEC Release27 February 2020Implemented
June 2020 SEC Release6 May 2020Implemented
November 2020 SEC Release29 November 2020Implemented
February 2021 SEC Release25 February 2021Implemented
June 2021 SEC Release24 June 2021Implemented
November 2021 SEC Release4 November 2021Planned
February 2022 SEC Release24 February 2022Planned
June 2022 SEC Release30 June 2022Planned
November 2022 SEC Release3 November 2022Planned

BEIS Releases

BEIS ReleaseImplementation Date
Release 1.4 5 November 2017
Release 2.0September 2018
Release 3.0 (SMETS 1 Enrolment and Adoption)
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