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Becoming a SEC Party

The SEC states that if you are a Supplier or a Network, you are required in most cases to become a Party to the SEC in order to fulfil your Ofgem Standard Licence Conditions (SLCs).

Companies that do not have Ofgem licences may accede to the SEC as Other SEC Parties. Both companies and natural persons may accede to the SEC.

Our Party Engagement Team is available to help guide you through the Accession Process to become a SEC Party. There are five SEC Party categories:

  • Large Suppliers
  • Small Suppliers
  • Electricity Networks
  • Gas Networks
  • Other SEC Parties

The SEC Accession Process is based on a simple three stage process:


Step 1

  • ✓ Submit an Accession Application Form to the SECAS Helpdesk containing your contact, organisation (if a company) & licence information.
  • ✓ Submit the Application fee of £540 (and £1 payment for a share in SECCo, which is mandatory for Energy Licensees and optional for non-Energy Licensees). SECAS will provide you with an invoice and details to make the payment by electronic bank transfer.

Step 2

  • Receive an Accession Agreement by email from SECCo.
  • Sign but do not date the Accession Agreement.
  • Return the Accession Agreement to SECAS by email.

Step 3

  • ✓ Receive countersigned Accession Agreement from SECCo after next SECCo Board meeting (typically occurring after the monthly SEC Panel meeting).
  • ✓ Receive the Share Certificate (if applicable) for SECCo.
  • Receive Party Signifier and ID Allocation EUI-64 Compliant identifier range.


We recommend that you submit the signed Accession Agreement to SECAS at least one week before the next SECCo Board Meeting to ensure that you will accede to the SEC when the Board next meets. Please check the Meetings Calendar to see when the Board will next meet.

Where to begin your accession?

Please read the Guidance Document available below. Once you have completed the Online Accession Application Form, please submit it along with the relevant Accession Fee. The Accession Fee can be paid by electronic bank transfer.

Once an Applicant accedes to the SEC, they will be allocated an EUI-64 Compliant Identifier range and Party Signifier. They will then be eligible to start the User Entry Process (UEP) to become a DCC User.

For further information, please either call 020 7090 7755 or email the SECAS Helpdesk.

Application Form and Guidance