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Testing Advisory Group (TAG)

The Testing Advisory Group (TAG) supports the Panel when discharging its obligations in relation to testing activities, including advising on the testing approach required for:

  • SEC Releases
  • Transitional Releases

The TAG meets monthly, or more frequently if required. Its main duties are to:

  • Review details of technical changes to DCC Systems to identify risks, and establish how these can be mitigated using testing
  • Provide determinations on referrals by Parties regarding User Entry Process Testing (UEPT) readiness or completion

The TAG is made up of:

  • 1 appointed by each Large Supplier
  • Up to 3 each from the Small Suppliers, Electricity and Gas Networks, Other SEC Parties
  • 1 Consumer member
  • Other Interested Parties at the discretion of the Panel or Chair
  • Chaired by SECAS

You can view the current members below, and enquire about our current vacancies here.

Meeting documentation for the Panel and its Sub-Committees can be accessed by visiting the Meeting Calendar page and selecting the applicable meeting calendar entry.