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DCC Reporting

Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) Forecast Variance Report

In accordance with SEC Section L8.9, the DCC is required to publish a report on the volume of Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs) sent by Authorised Subscribers within a calendar month. The report details the volume of requests received against the monthly forecasted volume provided by Authorised Subscribers.

The report is also required to list Forecast Exceptions in instances where:

  • the number of CSRs in respect of Device Certificates sent by any Authorised Subscriber during that month is greater than or equal to 110% of the Authorised Subscriber’s most recent monthly forecast for the applicable month; or
  • no forecast was received from the Authorised Subscriber for the applicable month but at least one CSR was sent by the Subscriber that month.

However the Panel may opt to redact the Forecast Exceptions in accordance with SEC Section L8.10.

Service Request Variance Reporting

In accordance with SEC Section H3.24, the DCC are required to provide the Panel with a report that sets out:

• the actual number of Service Requests sent against the forecasted volumes; and• where there are exceptions, details of the Users whose actual volumes of Service Requests sent were less than or equal to 90%, or greater than or equal to 110% of their forecasted volumes.
The report is made available by the 10th Working Day following the end of each month.



Certificate Signing Requests Variance ReportsService Request Variance Reports
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CSR Forecast Variance Report - February 2018
Service Request Variance Report - February 2018
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Service Request Variance Report - January 2018
CSR Variance Reporting - 2017
Service Request Variance Reporting - 2017

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