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SMETS1 PPMID Capability

SMETS1 Prepayment Meter Interface Device (PPMID) functionality is not defined, however some SMETS1 Devices provide the same PPMID functionality that is available in SMETS2 Devices. This includes the ability for a consumer to apply prepayment top-ups and activate emergency credit locally.  The downloadable spreadsheet below lists SMETS1 Devices and their PPMID capabilities. The DCC information provided in the spreadsheet supports the requirement for Suppliers to ensure prepayment installations are safe and practicable.

Information is provided on trust and at the request of energy Suppliers. The SEC Panel and SECAS have no method of validating the information received and accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the data.

Where can I access the spreadsheet?

Note – Data has been provided based on the user’s experience with these devices. Additional capabilities may be possible but untested, this is a guide only

Who do I contact with any questions about the spreadsheet?

Please contact The information contained within the spreadsheet will be retained unless otherwise instructed by the DCC.

Can a Manufacturer submit a new entry?

Manufacturers may submit new entries, or amend previous entries by contacting