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Change Reporting

Modifications Register

The SEC Modifications Register provides an overview and latest updates on all SEC Draft and Modification Proposals. This is updated every week at midday on Monday.


Change Status Report

The Change Status Report is presented to the Panel each month. This provides information on the progress of Draft Proposals, Modification Proposals and Releases. A copy of the latest report is available below.


SEC Modcasts

SEC Modcasts provide a snapshot of the key activities taking place regarding SEC modifications and what you should look out for in the upcoming week. Weekly audio updates are released each Friday, and occasional ad-hoc audio or video updates on bigger topics will be issued too.

Download the latest weekly update: SEC Modcast - 17 Jan 20

You can download previous episodes of our Modcast here.


Smart Landscape Releases Plan on a Page

The Smart Landscape Releases Plan on a Page is a timeline detailing the various releases and major events planned in the SEC over the next couple of years.