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Non-GBCS Non-Mandated (NGNM) Alerts

Device Alerts are unsolicited messages sent by Devices to DCC Users. The GB Companion Specification (GBCS) lists and defines the structure of these Alerts, distinguishing between mandated and non-mandated Alerts.

GBCS Parse software allows any new non-mandated Alerts of the right format (as specified by the GBCS) sent by Devices to be passed to the DCC User. These new non-mandated Alerts have been captured in the GBCS within Table 16.2 following the November 2021 SEC Release. Any new non-mandated Alerts will be captured temporarily in a register until they are adopted by the SEC.

Please find the latest version of the NGNM Alerts Register below:

Suppliers and manufacturers have a general (but non-regulatory) responsibility to ensure all Alerts supported by their Devices beyond those specified in the SEC are captured in the register until they are adopted by the SEC. The form and process to raise a new NGNM Alert Code can be downloaded below.