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Change Board

The Change Board was established by the SEC Panel in accordance with Section C6.10 of the SEC.

The Change Board meets monthly, and its function, as set out in Section D8 of the SEC, is to:

  • Facilitate the development, refinement and discussion of potential variations to the Code prior to their formal submission as Modification Proposals;
  • Consider each Modification Report and the responses received to the Modification Report Consultation; and
  • Decide whether to approve or reject the Modification Proposal in the form set out in the Modification Report (and, where applicable, whether to approve or reject each Alternative Proposal).

The Change Board is made up of:

  • 1 member from each Large Supplier voting group with one vote each
  • 3 Small Suppliers
  • 3 Network Parties
  • 3 Other SEC Parties
  • 1 Consumer Representative
  • DCC and Ofgem
  • Chaired by SECAS

You can view the current members below, and enquire about our current vacancies here. Meeting documentation for the Panel and its Sub-Committees can be accessed by visiting the Meeting Calendar page and selecting the applicable meeting calendar entry.

In January 2022, the Change Board agreed how it will account for Parties that have not responded to consultations when it votes on modifications. The Change Board will consider any Party that does not respond to any consultation for a modification prior to vote to have no strong views either for or against the proposal, and so will treat that Party as though it has abstained.

In casting their votes, Change Board members will give due regard to the feedback provided in consultation responses from Parties in the Party Category they represent, as well as the content of the Modification Report and the discussions of the Change Board within the meeting. Where no Parties from the relevant Party Category have provided views, or the views provided are conflicting, Change Board members will apply their best judgement when casting their vote.