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For any suggested questions you would like to see added to the FAQ page, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.

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The SECAS Party Engagement Team is available to answer your queries Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) between 9am and 5pm.

You can contact us by email via SECAS@gemserv.com, submit your query via our online contact form or call our Helpdesk on 020 7090 7755.


Please visit our Becoming a SEC Party webpage and download the Accession Guidance Notes explaining the steps required to complete the Accession process.

You will need to complete the online SEC Accession Application Form and submit an Application Fee of £540 (plus a £1 payment for a Share in the Smart Energy Code Company (SECCo) which is mandatory for Ofgem Licensees and optional for those applying as an Other SEC Party). Purchasing a Share will allow you to take part in certain SEC Party votes such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

SECAS will verify your submitted details in the application form and will then send you an invoice for you to make the necessary payment.

If you have any questions, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.

Becoming a SEC Party

Please visit our Becoming a DCC User webpage and download the UEP Guidance Notes which outline the SECAS and DCC required steps that need to be completed. On this page you will also find the estimated timescales to complete the User Entry Process (UEP).

The DCC steps that you’ll need to complete are outlined here. For the SECAS steps, all SEC Parties will need to complete a Full User Security Assessment (FUSA). Those wishing to complete the UEP in the Other User role will also need to complete a Full User Privacy Assessment (FUPA).

Once you complete the necessary DCC and SECAS steps, you’ll need to submit a UEP Evidence form to the SECAS Helpdesk with all necessary evidence as attachments.

If you have any questions, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.

Becoming a DCC User

To change your SEC Party Details, please access and complete the online Change in Party Details form.

Please complete the form with any details that have changed and state if you consent for the DCC (and / or the Alternative Home Area Network Company (Alt HAN Co) for Supplier Parties) to be notified. SECAS will review the information provided and action the changes as soon as possible.

When completing the online form, please review the four spreadsheets below to see if they require any changes. Anyone can access the SEC Parties List. SEC Parties can access the other three spreadsheets once logged in. If you do not yet have a website account, please register here.

  • The SEC Parties List to see if the name of your SEC Party / Voting Group name is correct or needs to be changed. This list also displays if you have completed the DCC’s User Entry Process (UEP).
  • The SEC Party Details List to see if your VAT number, registered address, addresses for invoices / notices under the SEC, Energy Licences, affiliates or Unique Electricity & Gas Identifiers are correct or need to be changed.
  • The Operations Contact List to see if your contacts that manage DCC Critical Alerts are correct or need to be amended. Guidance to Critical Alerts can be found here.
  • The ID Allocation spreadsheet to see if your Party name or Unique Electricity / Gas Identifiers are correct or need to be changed.

SEC Parties can complete the online form on our Registration page to request a website account. Once your account has been approved by the Party Engagement Team, you will receive your log in details and will then be able to log in and download SEC Party related documents.

Logged in SEC Parties will be able to access SEC Party only documents from the Document Download Centre which the SEC Panel Information Policy classifies as GREEN. You will also be able to access the Member’s Only Area which contains a wide range of useful information to help you comply with your SEC obligations.

If you can’t remember your password, please either use the Forgot Password link or contact SECAS@gemserv.com.

SEC Website

SEC Parties can log in and visit the ID Allocation webpage to download the latest version of the ID Allocation Spreadsheet:

This spreadsheet contains the SEC Party name, Signifier, Organisation Number and ID Allocation range for all current and former Parties. It also contains the Market Participant Identifier (MPID) information associated with each Party. If your Party name or MPID information needs to be updated, please use the online Change in Party Details form.

For more information, please find the ID Allocation Procedure Guidance Notes.

ID Allocation

SEC Parties can learn about CodeWorks and register to access CodeWorks by completing the online form at the bottom of the webpage here.

For more information on how to use CodeWorks and its features, please view our Guidance Notes once logged in.

If you have forgotten your password or can’t access your account, please either click here to reset it or contact secas@gemserv.com.

CodeWorks accounts are automatically disabled if they are inactive for 365 days.


Please enter your name, organisation name (if applicable) and email address into the Newsletter Signup form in the bottom right corner of any SEC webpage to subscribe to our SECAS Newsletter.

You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the SECAS Helpdesk. SEC Newsletters are sent by email once a month.

All previous SEC Newsletters can be accessed here.

SEC Newsletter

Please visit our Security  and/or Privacy Assessment Process webpages for an explanation of the requirements for each assessment, the estimated timescales and the current rate cards (which can be accessed once logged in to the website):

Security / Privacy

Please visit our Book an Assessment webpage to submit your Assessment Application Form. This must be submitted to SECAS at least 12 weeks in advance of the date that which you wish to be assessed. More information on the assessments can be found below:

Security / Privacy

You can contact our dedicated Security & Privacy Team with any questions regarding the Security / Privacy Assessment process by emailing SSC@gemserv.com. We also offer a free one-hour session with the User Competent Independent Organisation (CIO), Deloitte LLP, to answer any specific questions prior to your assessment. Please contact the Security Team for further details.

Security / Privacy

You will need a Full User Security Assessment (and a Full User Privacy Assessment for Other SEC Parties) status of either Approved or Approved, subject to steps to complete the User Entry Process (UEP). If there are still steps that you need to complete with the DCC, you’ll need to complete them before completing the UEP and becoming eligible proceed into the Live DCC environment. Please find the UEP Guidance Notes for further information.

Becoming a DCC User

For both Security and Privacy assessments, we strongly recommend reading the Security Controls Framework (SCF) and/or Privacy Controls Framework (PCF). Both frameworks provide the basis for enabling a consistent level of review across all Users, and indicate the type of evidence which could be provided by a User to demonstrate compliance with its obligations. These should be used in addition to the SEC itself.

Please find direct links to the latest versions of the Controls Frameworks below which can be accessed once you have logged in:

Security / Privacy

Please visit our Central Products List (CPL) webpage, where you can download the latest version of the CPL Spreadsheet. The New Entry Form tab is included as part of the CPL spreadsheet and must be completed by a Device Manufacturer and sent to the SECAS Helpdesk in order to add new SMETS2+ Device Models to the CPL. Please refer to the CPL Submission Guidance document for more information on the process.

For SMETS1 submissions, these must go through testing with the DCC. SMETS1 submissions will first need to be included in the Pending Products Combination List (PPCL) and then the Eligible Products Combination List (EPCL). The DCC will then provide the SMETS1 submissions to SECAS to add to the CPL. Once the SMETS1 devices have been successfully deployed, they will be added to the Deployed Products List (DPL).

For further information on the SMETS1 submission process, please contact DCCDevices@smartdcc.co.uk.

Central Products List

Once logged in to the SEC website, you can access the Firmware Information Repository (FIR). This spreadsheet lists the Meter Manufacturer contact details and a short description of the firmware associated with Electricity Smart Metering Equipment (ESME) and Gas Smart Metering Equipment (GSME) CPL entries.

Central Products List

SECAS supports the UK Metering Forum (UKMF) to maintain the mapping spreadsheet (latest version found here) which helps SEC Parties understand the CPL ESME / GSME Meter Model entries.

The spreadsheet maps ESME and GSME Meter Model hardware entries contained in the CPL in the SEC required format (hexadecimal), to an industry wide understood ‘Plain English’ description.

The CPL Meter Model mapping to Plain English descriptions spreadsheet contains four tabs:

  • Version Control – details a history of changes made between versions.
  • SMETS2 Meter Model Mapping – maps SMETS2 CPL Meter Model hardware entries to a Plain English description.
  • SMETS1 Meter Model Mapping – maps SMETS1 CPL Meter Model hardware entries to a Plain English description.
  • Zigbee Manufacturer Codes – a listing of Device Manufacturers and their associated ZigBee Manufacturer Codes.
Central Products List

Please visit our page on DCC reporting, where you can download the latest reports. Descriptions of the different types of DCC reports can be found here.

These include:

  • Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) Forecast Variance Reports.
  • Service Request Variance Reports
  • DCC Major Incident Reports
DCC Reporting

Please visit our Business Architecture Document and Technical Architecture Document webpage, where you can download the latest versions.

The TAD describes the End-to-End Technical Architecture which encompasses the DCC systems, and the Smart Metering Systems together.

The BAD describes the Business Architecture which enables Parties and Energy Consumers (or their representatives) to use the Services and access the functionality and processes described in the Technical Specifications set out in the SEC.

The latest versions of the BAD and TAD can be downloaded directly below:

The Business Architecture Model (BAM) supports the BAD. Please also find the latest version the BAM User Guide here.


Please visit our Modifications webpage where you will find dedicated webpages for each proposal. Here, you can find all the latest information and documentation for that proposal.

You can also find an overview of the latest progress on modifications on our Change Reporting webpage and visit our SEC Modcasts webpage to listen to a snapshots of SEC Change.

SEC Change

Please visit our Releases webpage where you will find dedicated webpages for each upcoming SEC Release, closed releases and BEIS-led releases. Here, you can find all the latest information and documentation for that release.

SEC Change

SEC Parties can view the latest version of the SEC and its documents on CodeWorks.

The consolidated latest version of the SEC can be downloaded here. All website visitors can download the SEC and its subsidiary documents (schedules and appendices) here.

The SEC Document Log lists all SEC documentation and their current version.

SEC Change

SEC Parties can use the online form to be added to the SEC Modification Information mailing list to be kept updated of ongoing Modifications and when they are issued for consultation. All open SEC and industry consultations can be found on our Open SEC Consultations webpage.

All ongoing and implemented Modifications can be found here.

The Change Reporting webpage displays the SEC Modifications Register which is updated on a monthly basis to provide an overview of the latest updates on all SEC Draft and Modification Proposals.

SEC Change

Please contact SEC.Change@gemserv.com and mark the email for the attention of the Lead Analyst, the details of which can be found on each individual Modification webpage.

If you believe that there are any issues concerning a Modification, please use the Issue Submission Form to notify the SEC Change Team.

SEC Change

The Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) is a cross-Code document that aims to provide consistency in the approach and level of service provided by Code Administrators. It contains 14 principles to facilitate consistency and transparency in the Code Modification processes and protect the interests of smaller market participants and consumers. For more details, please see our CACoP webpage.

SEC Change

All confirmed upcoming and past SEC meetings can be found on the Meetings Calendar. Here, you can export events into your personal calendar, using ICAL or Google Calendar.

Meeting documentation including meeting minutes are published on the individual calendar entries for specific meetings. Logged in SEC Parties will be able to access Meeting Documentation categorised by the Panel Information Policy as GREEN.


All secure meeting documentation is stored on an Egress Secure workspace. When becoming a member of the SEC Panel or a Sub-Committee, SECAS will grant you relevant access upon creating an Egress account.

Logged in SEC Parties will be able to access Meeting Documentation categorised by the Panel Information Policy as GREEN.


The SEC Panel and each of its Sub-Committees have an annual election during which a call for nominations is issued for the current vacancies. SEC Parties can use the online form to subscribe to the SEC Parties mailing list to be kept updated of any future elections.

Logged in SEC Parties can access our Elections online form where you can either nominate yourself or a colleague.

If you are interested in fulfilling a vacancy outside of this period, simply fill in the Elections online form, expressing your interest in the chosen Panel / Sub-Committee and provide a short summary of your experience within the industry. The meeting secretary will then share this information with the applicable Panel / Sub-Committee Chair and will contact you to provide a nomination form.

Information on the Panel and its Sub-Committees can be found below:


Panel / Sub-Committees

The SEC Panel and each of its Sub-Committees have annual elections staggered across the year. An interim election is also arranged for the SEC Panel should any members leave the Panel within a term.

Logged in SEC Parties can access the Elections online form.

The term of office for members is set at 24 months to assist with maintaining knowledge within the Sub-Committee. This means an annual election will be held for half of the membership of each Sub-Committee each year.

If a new member joins a Sub-Committee after the date of the annual election, their term of office will be aligned with the nearest upcoming annual review.

SEC Parties can use the online form to register to the SEC Parties mailing list to be informed of all future elections.

Panel / Sub-Committees

Please email the Meeting Secretary on behalf of the Panel / relevant Sub-Committee or email SECAS@gemserv.com, noting that you wish to update your details and we will send you the relevant form.

Panel / Sub-Committees

The Smart Energy Code Company (SECCo) is able to reimburse reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. To make an expense claim, please complete the Sub-Committee Members Expense Form found here and send this to SECASFinance@gemserv.com and Louise Evans (louise.evans@gemserv.com). Please include scanned copies of your receipts.

Full details can be found in the SEC Panel Expenses Policy here.


Panel / Sub-Committees

When going through the DCC User Entry Process (UEP), the DCC will confirm if you are required to put in place a form of Credit Cover.

Please read the SECAS Credit Cover Guidance which provides an explanation of the SEC Credit Cover requirements in Plain English as well as helpful examples. The SEC Credit Cover obligations are set out in SEC Section J3.

It is important that your Party complies with these obligations to avoid entering into an Event of Default of the SEC, explained in SEC Section M8.1. If you are unsure whether you are paying the right amount, you can contact the DCC Customer Invoices Team.

Credit Cover

All SEC Parties can use the online form to subscribe to the SEC Parties mailing list to be kept updated on all future SECAS webinars and events.

Links to upcoming SECAS webinars can be found here. If there are any topics which you believe should be presented at future webinars, please contact secas@gemserv.com.

Logged in SEC Parties can view the presentation slides and recordings of all past webinars here.


The latest versions of our Guidance Notes can be accessed on the SEC website here. These documents have been written in Plain English to provide clear explanations to help your understanding.

If you believe that a new guidance document should be created, or if you believe a current guidance document should be updated, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.