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Our most frequently asked questions are listed below. Select a question to reveal the answer.

For any suggested questions you would like to see added to the FAQ page, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.

“The SECAS Party Support team is available to answer your queries Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) between 9am and 5pm.

You can contact us by email via SECAS@gemserv.com, submit your query via our online contact form or call our Helpdesk on 020 7090 7755.”

Please visit our Becoming a SEC Party webpage for Guidance Notes explaining the steps required to complete the Accession process.

You will need submit your SEC Accession Application Form and the Application Fee of £540 (plus £1 payment for a share in SECCo for Energy Licensees or if you choose to take a share). Please email your completed form to SECAS@gemserv.com. We will usually review your application and respond within 2 working days.

Please visit our Becoming a DCC User webpage and download the Guidance Notes which outline the steps required. On this page you will also find the estimated timescales to become a DCC User and the latest DCC testing completions.

To change your SEC Party Details, please access the online Change in Party Details form found on our Change in Party Details webpage. You will need to be logged in to access the webpage and form.

Please complete the form with any details that have changed and state if you consent for the DCC to be notified. SECAS will review the information provided and respond as soon as possible.

Please submit the form via our Registration page to request a website account. Once your account has been approved by the Party Support team, you will be able to log in and download SEC Party related documents. If you have forgotten your password, please contact SECAS@gemserv.com.

Please visit our ID Allocation webpage to download the current standard  or alternative version of the ID Allocation Spreadsheet, which states your SEC Party signifier and ID Allocation numbers.

Please visit our Digital Smart Energy Code webpage to learn more about CodeWorks and the benefits. SEC Parties can register for CodeWorks access by completing the online form at the bottom of the webpage. You can find instructions on how to use CodeWorks here.

Please enter your name, organisation name and business email address into the Newsletter Signup form in the bottom right corner of any SEC webpage to subscribe to our SECAS Newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Please visit our Security / Privacy Assessment Process webpages for an explanation of the requirements for each assessment,  the assessment rates, timescales and guidance related to the Director’s Letter.

Please visit our Book an Assessment webpage. SEC Parties and/or DCC Users are required to submit the Assessment Application Form. This must be submitted to SECAS at least 12 weeks in advance of the date in which you wish to be assessed.

You can contact our dedicated Security & Privacy team with any questions regarding the process by emailing SSC@gemserv.com. We also offer a free one-hour session with the User CIO to answer any specific questions prior to your assessment.

The duration depends on how many observations are raised during your assessment, however, on average it takes 12 weeks from the User CIO / IPA fieldwork assessment to approval from the SSC. Please see here for a more in-depth example timeline.

For both Security and Privacy assessments, we strongly recommend reading the Security Controls Framework (SCF) and/or Privacy Controls Framework (PCF). Both frameworks provide the basis for enabling a consistent level of review across all Users, and indicate the type of evidence which could be provided by a User to demonstrate compliance with its obligations. These should be used in addition to the SEC itself.

Please visit our Central Products List (CPL) webpage, where you can download the latest version of the CPL Workbook. The New Entry Form is included as part of the CPL and must be completed in order to add a new Device Model to the CPL. Please refer to the CPL Submission Guidance for more information on the process.

If you are a SEC Party, you can access the Firmware Information Repository in the download section of our Central Products List (CPL) webpage. This lists the Meter Manufacturer contact details and a short description of the firmware associated with CPL entries.

Please visit our Central Products List (CPL) webpage, where you can download the latest version of the CPL Meter Model Mapping to plain English descriptions spreadsheet.

Please visit our SMETS1 Pending Products Combination List (PPCL) webpage, where you can download the latest version of the PPCL. Please refer to the DCC PPCL Guidance Notes for more information.

Please visit our SMETS1 Eligible Products Combination List (EPCL) webpage, where you can download the latest version of the EPCL. Please refer to the DCC EPCL Guidance Notes for more information.

Please visit our page on DCC reporting, where you can download the latest reports.

Please visit our Business Architecture Document and Technical Architecture Document webpage, where you can download the latest versions.

Please visit our Modifications webpage where you will find dedicated webpages for each Draft Proposal and Modification Proposal raised. Here, you can find all the latest information and documentation for that proposal. You can also find an overview of the latest progress on modifications in the Modifications Register.

Please visit our Releases webpage where you will find dedicated webpages for each planned SEC Release and BEIS-led release. Here, you can find all the latest information and documentation for that release.

The latest version of the SEC can be found on CodeWorks, with supporting documents and a consolidated version available on the Smart Energy Code webpage. The SEC Document Log lists all SEC documentation and their current version.

If you would like to be added to our distribution list to receive updates on modifications, including new Draft Proposals raised, consultations issued and final decisions made, please email SEC.Change@gemserv.com.

Please contact the Lead Analyst for that modification page or email SEC.Change@gemserv.com.

The Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) is a cross-Code document that aims to provide consistency in the approach and level of service provided by Code Administrators. It contains 14 principles to facilitate consistency and transparency in the Code modification processes and protect the interests of smaller market participants and consumers. For more details, please see our CACoP webpage.

All confirmed SEC meetings are scheduled on the Meetings Calendar of the SEC website. Meeting documentation including meeting minutes are published on the individual calendar entry for that specific meeting.

All secure meeting documentation is stored on an Egress Secure workspace. When becoming a member of the Panel or a Sub-Committee, SECAS will grant you relevant access upon creating an Egress account.

“The Panel and each of its Sub-Committees have an annual election during which a call for nominations is issued for the current vacancies. If you are interested in fulfilling a vacancy outside of this period, simply email SECAS@gemserv.com

expressing your interest in the chosen Sub-Committee and provide a short summary of your experience within the industry. The meeting secretary will then share this information with the applicable Sub-Committee Chair and contact you to provide a nomination form.”

“The Panel and each of its Sub-Committees have annual elections staggered across the year. An interim election is also arranged for the Panel, should any members leave the Panel within a term.

The term of office for members is set at 24 months to assist with maintaining knowledge within the Sub-Committee meaning an annual election will be held for half of the membership of each Sub-Committee each year.

If a new member joins a Sub-Committee after the date of the annual election, their term of office will be aligned with the nearest upcoming annual review.”

“Please email the meeting secretary on behalf of the Sub-Committee or SECAS@gemserv.com,

noting you wish to update your details and we will send you the relevant form.”

SECCo is able to reimburse reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. To make an expense claim, please complete the Sub-Committee Members Expense Form found here and send this to SECASFinance@gemserv.com and Louise Evans (louise.evans@gemserv.com). Please include scanned copies of your receipts.

Full details can be found in the SEC Panel Expenses Policy here.

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