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Strategic Working Group

The Strategic Working Group (SWG) is not a formal SEC Sub-Committee, and therefore has no defined responsibilities within the SEC. It has been set up as a sub-set of the SEC Panel membership to fulfil a specific purpose. The SWG’s Mission Statement is “to ensure that the SEC, and how it is fulfilled, remains relevant and fit for purpose in an evolving GB energy market”.

The SWG’s objectives are:

  • To develop a 10 year ‘Roadmap’ which identifies ‘material’ events that are likely to impact the SEC, and provision of services under the SEC, against a set of ‘readiness’ milestones.
  • To assist in the understanding of ‘material’ events that may impact the content and the Services that are governed in accordance with the SEC, and ensure they fulfil ‘SMART’ (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound) criteria.
  • To ensure that ‘strategically’ the SEC meets the expectations of Parties and Consumers via key consumer groups.
  • To anticipate future requirements and fundamental changes that need to be considered in respect to the SEC.
  • To seek ‘strategic’ opportunities to deliver the ‘cost reduction’ glidepath in accordance with the objectives laid out in the Government’s GB Smart Metering impact assessment (IA), subsequent amendments to the IA, and additional goals agreed by the Authority.
  • To introduce a suitable ‘benefits realisation’ mechanism that can be utilised by the Panel to ensure that Strategic goals are delivering their intended value.
  • To consider strategic risks and opportunities relating to the SEC.

The following criteria will be used as a basis for determining a ‘material event’ which could have an impact on the SEC and will therefore be considered by the SWG. Minor matters will be dealt with as Business As Usual via SECAS and the Sub-Committees.

  • Economic impact – increased/reduced service costs, user cost impacts, costs/benefits to consumers.
  • Service disruption – loss of availability of service or functionality.
  • Service improvement – addition of new services or the enhancement of current services.
  • Policy, regulatory, or cross-code change.
  • A risk that requires a strategic approach or mitigation.

The Draft SEC Strategic Roadmap can be found below, which is subject to further additions and amendments following Sub-Committee engagement.

If you have any questions about the SWG, please contact the SECAS Helpdesk.