SEC Section L introduces the regulatory framework for the Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) – the cryptology related services required to ensure a secure environment for smart metering. The Policy Management Authority is a Sub-Committee of the SEC Panel established to govern the SMKI document set and to gain assurance of the DCC operation of SMKI services.

SMKI Policy Management Authority (PMA)

The provisions for the SMKI PMA have been added to Section L1.17 to L1.19 of SEC Stage 3. In order for the SMKI PMA to be in place by the time the relevant SMKI provisions in SEC3 take effect, the SEC Panel have established this Sub-Committee.

The principal duty of the SMKI PMA is to manage the requirements for the SMKI and to provide governance and change control for the relevant SEC content and artefacts. Establishing the SMKI PMA enables the SEC Panel to work together with key industry and other delivery partners to deliver SEC duties in relation to SMKI management and assurance of the DCC operation of SMKI services.

A SMKI PMA Sub-Committee member’s length of office is one or two years from the date they first take office. The SMKI PMA Sub-Commitee (listed in the documents section) took office on the 22nd July 2014.

For historical meeting minutes and headlines, as well as the Terms of Reference (ToR) and the SMKI PMA Membership list, please see below. If you require additional historical information, please contact