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Change Sub-Committee

The Change Sub-Committee was established following the approval and implementation of SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’. This modification introduces a new Development Stage into the SEC Modification Process, to help assess the issues identified by a proposal and ensure this is clear before proceeding to developing solutions. The Change Sub-Committee will play a key role in this new stage of the process.

The Change Sub-Committee’s main duties are to:

  • Review new proposals and help ensure the issue identified is clear or whether further work is needed to clarify and scope the proposal;
  • Provide a view to the Proposer on whether there is merit in proceeding with the proposal; and
  • Recommend to the Panel how the proposal should progress through the subsequent stages of the process.

As part of this Development Stage, if further input is needed, this will be sought by liaising with other Sub-Committees, consulting the wider industry, or convening specific Workshops formed of relevant industry experts.

The Change Sub-Committee is comprised of elected members representing each of the SEC Party Categories, and individuals appointed by the Authority and the DCC. The Proposer (or a nominated representative) for each Draft Proposal being discussed at the meeting may also attend that meeting.