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Change Sub-Committee

The Change Sub-Committee was established following the approval and implementation of SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’.

This modification introduced a new Development Stage into the SEC Modification Process, to help assess and clarify the issues identified before proceeding to developing solutions. The Change Sub-Committee plays a key role in this stage of the process.

The Change Sub-Committee meets monthly, and its main duties are to:

  • Review new proposals and help ensure the issue identified is clear or whether further work is needed to clarify and scope the proposal;
  • Provide a view to the Proposer on whether there is merit in proceeding with the proposal; and
  • Recommend to the SEC Panel how the proposal should progress through the subsequent stages of the process.

The Change Sub-Committee is made up of:

  • 2 Large Suppliers
  • 2 Small Suppliers
  • 2 Network Parties (1 Electricity, 1 Gas)
  • 2 Other SEC Parties
  • Chaired by SECAS


You can view the current members below, and enquire about our current vacancies here.

Meeting documentation for the Panel and its Sub-Committees can be accessed by visiting the Meeting Calendar page and selecting the applicable meeting calendar entry.