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SEC Programme Assurance Policy

The SEC Programme Assurance Policy was created by the Panel to set out the framework and processes for SEC involvement and oversight in DCC initiated projects and programmes that have the potential to impact DCC Users.

The purpose of this policy is to provide the Panel with the necessary framework and processes to allow it to discharge its role in providing assurance of DCC Programmes; helping to support successful programme delivery to the maximum benefit of SEC Parties.

Any programme or project initiated by the DCC that has the potential to impact SEC DCC Users should progress in accordance with this policy. This includes those projects and programmes that relate to activities the DCC must undertake in accordance with its licence, which in turn may or may not require BEIS Treasury Greenbook Business Cases. For example, re-procurement of a Service Provider.

SEC Modifications and non-SEC impacting projects are not included in scope of this policy.

Programme Assurance Report

The purpose of the Programme Assurance report is to update the SEC Panel and SEC Parties monthly on the status of the DCC Programmes. It outlines the work done since the last update, key milestones and planned engagement over the next quarter. It also outlines any changes to the stages of the Programmes and any artefacts received since the last update.