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SEC Panel Information Policy

In order to carry out its obligations under the SEC, the SEC Panel may require Parties to provide it with confidential or otherwise sensitive information. In order to ensure this information is appropriately protected, SEC Section M4.13 requires that the Panel shall establish and maintain a policy for classifying, labelling, handling and storing Party Data received by it (and its Sub-Committees and Working Groups, SECAS and SECCo) pursuant to the provisions of Section G (Security), Section I (Data Privacy), and Section L (Smart Metering Key Infrastructure) and its related SEC Subsidiary Documents. The Panel Information Policy fulfils this obligation.

This Policy is for use by SEC Parties as well as the bodies established under the SEC as described above. Parties wishing to provide confidential data to any of the governance bodies above should use the classifications described in Section 7 of the body of the Panel Information Policy, as defined in SEC Section M4. Annex A provides some recommendations for application of classification labelling but Parties may mark documentation as they see fit.

The scope of this document has been expanded beyond the SEC Section M requirements to include other information which may be of use to SEC Parties, including explaining the classifications available to the Panel, its Sub-Committees, Working Groups, SECCo and the Smart Energy Code Administrator and Secretariat (SECAS). Appendix B of the document explains the SEC classifications available to the DCC.

If you have any comments or queries in relation to the Panel Information Policy, please contact the SECAS helpdesk on

Panel Information Policy v4.0