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Operations Group

The Operations Group was established in July 2017 by the SEC Panel in accordance with SEC Section C2.4(d). The purpose of the Operations Group is to deal with the operational matters that relate to the services provided under the Smart Energy Code, including DCC Services, and to enable close co-operation between the DCC and DCC users.

The Operations Group will focus on cross-industry matters that affect, or have the potential to affect, multiple SEC Parties. Within this context, an ‘Operational Matter’ is anything which relates to a service delivered across the End-to-End Smart Metering System.

The overall scope of the work of the Operations Group will comprise of the following aspects:

  • Enabling and encouraging close collaboration and understanding between Users and the DCC on Operational Matters; and
  • Providing informed feedback to the DCC on the performance of operational services, impacts on Users, and, as needed, amelioration of problems and rectification of defects.

The role of the Operations Group does not include the following:

  • Functions outside of those listed above unless otherwise directed by the Panel;
  • Activities that do not contribute to the achievement of the SEC Objectives; and
  • Setting policies that fall under the remit of the Panel or another Sub-Committee.

The Operations Group is comprised of elected members representing each of the SEC Party Categories, and individuals appointed by the DCC. Representatives of TABASC, Ofgem and BEIS are invited to attend in a non-voting capacity.