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What is ICHIS?

The Intimate Communications Hub Interface Specification (ICHIS) defines a common interface between Intimate Communications Hubs (ICH) and Smart Meters which will be deployed for the GB Smart Metering Implementation Programme.

Part F of ICHIS defines a methodology for testing the RF emissions of Electricity Smart Meters and the pass criteria for RF emissions at varying frequencies.

Please visit the DCC’s website here to find ICHIS.

You can download the spreadsheet “ICHIS Noise Result” which sets out ICHIS noise test result information submitted by manufacturers.

ICHIS Noise Results


NOTE: The information is provided on trust and at the request of energy suppliers, manufacturers and asset providers.  The SEC Panel and SECAS have no method of validating the information received and accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the data.

If you have any queries or disputes…

Any queries or disputes should be referred to ichisdisputes@smartdcc.co.uk.  The information contained within the spreadsheet will be retained unless otherwise instructed by ichisdisputes@smartdcc.co.uk.

Manufacturers may submit new entries (or amend previous entries) by submitting new entries on to “ICHIS Noise New Entry” spreadsheet and sending it to ICHIS.Noise@gemserv.com.  Updates to previous entries must identify the row to be updated.

ICHIS Noise New Entry