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CodeWorks is digital platform that we’re developing to give you some time back by making your regulatory and compliance lives simpler.

It enables you to search across multiple code documents,  at the same time in one place. You can also filter code content to see the obligations that are relevant to your Party type. The platform enables better collaboration on consultations by giving you a single place to leave your views and inputs through a simple interface, saving you time and money.

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This digitised version of the Smart Energy Code has been prepared on behalf of the Smart Energy Code Company Limited (SECCo), and is made available by SECCo voluntarily and free of charge. SECCo endeavours to ensure that this digitised version of the Smart Energy Code and its functionality is accurate. However, SECCo does not guarantee that this digitised version of the Smart Energy Code or the information made available by its functionality is accurate or complete. SECCo makes no representation and gives no warranty that this version or such information is accurate or complete or fit for any purpose, and none should be implied. You may choose to use this digitised version of the Smart Energy Code as an informal guide, but you should not rely on it. You should make your own enquiries to verify its accuracy and suitability for the purpose for which you use it. None of SECCo, its contractors and/or its or their directors, employees or other agents accept any responsibility for any use of this digitised version of the Smart Energy Code. Each of them excludes their liability for any inaccuracy, error or misstatement to the maximum extent permitted by law.


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