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Security Sub-Committee

The Security Sub-Committee (SSC) was established by the SEC Panel to oversee, review and advise on SEC security arrangements.

The SSC meets twice a month. Its objectives are set out in Section G7 of the SEC and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Document Development and Maintenance:
    • Development and maintenance of various pieces of Security documentation, including the Security Controls Framework and the Risk Treatment Plan;
  • Security Assurance:
    • At least annually review the Security Obligations and Assurance Arrangements to ensure they remain fit for purpose;
    • Monitoring Devices that are certified by the Commercial Products Assurance Scheme, and ensuring the Scheme remains fit for purpose;
  • Monitoring and Advice:
    • Provide assistance to the DCC and Users in relation to the causes of security incidents and management of any vulnerabilities; and
    • Monitor Anomaly Detection Thresholds and provide opinions on means of detecting Compromises to the DCC.
  • Transitioned duties:
    • The SSC has taken on CPL Removal Monitoring duties and CPA Security Characteristics from the Department for Business Energy & Industry Strategy (BEIS).

The Security Sub-Committee is made up of:

  • 6 Large Suppliers
  • 2 Small Suppliers
  • 2 Network Parties
    (1 Gas, 1 Electricity)
  • 1 Other User
  • 1 Shared Resource Provider
  • 1 TABASC Representative
  • Independent Chair

You can view the current members below, and enquire about our current vacancies here.

Meeting documentation for the Panel and its Sub-Committees can be accessed by visiting the Meeting Calendar page and selecting the applicable meeting calendar entry.