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Smart Meter Device Assurance Sub-Committee (SMDASC)

The Smart Meter Device Assurance Sub-Committee (SMDASC) was established by the SEC Panel pursuant to Smart Energy Code (SEC) Section F12, following the implementation of MP111 ‘SMDA Budget Amendments’.

SMDASC was formed to bring the activities and functions of the SMDA Scheme under the SEC. The key objectives of the SMDASC, as defined by SEC Section F12.4, are:

  • to provide assurance that Smart Meters and other Devices which can together potentially form a Smart Metering System work together (that they are interoperable); and
  • to provide assurance that Smart Meters and other Devices which can together potentially form a Smart Metering System work with each other (that they are interchangeable).

SMDASC responsibilities include:

  • the ability to further delegate their responsibilities for technical issues to the SMDA Management Panel Sub-Group;
  • ensuring the scope of SMDA testing services align with industry requirements;
  • agreeing costs for testing Device submissions;
  • agreeing costs of membership for members of the Scheme who are not SEC Parties;
  • developing and reviewing the budget for delivery of fixed SMDA costs, for approval by the SEC Panel;
  • overseeing the delivery of the System Operator (SO) role as pertinent to the SMDA Sub-Committee;
  • overseeing the delivery of the Test House contracts;
  • resolving any conflicts of interest that may arise that cannot be resolved first by the Test Houses, SO, or SMDA Management Panel Sub-Group; and
  • managing the risks and issues associated with the delivery of SMDA.

SMDASC is formed of two Supplier Representatives, two Manufacturer Representatives, and one Meter Asset Provider Representative. The SMDASC Chair is able to invite any persons that the SMDASC determines is appropriate as determined in Section 3.8. The normal term for each member is 24 months, and elections will be held annually. You can enquire about our current vacancies here.

The SMDA Management Panel Sub-Group is a sub-group of the SMDASC, duties include:

  • management of the SMDA Scheme efficiently and in accordance with its objective of providing assurance of the interoperability and interchangeability of Smart Meter Devices;
  • overseeing the development of potential changes to the test specifications and test scripts, as well as providing a decision-making body for all technical aspects and testing process issues relating to the SMDA Scheme;
  • ensuring the commercial assessment of all technical changes and escalating items to the SMDASC where expenditure approvals are required; and
  • from time to time, convening an SMDA Technical Sub-Group as required to discuss in-depth details of a certain issue and change.

Meeting documentation for the Sub-Committee and the Sub-Group can be accessed by visiting the SMDA Meeting Calendar webpage and selecting the applicable meeting calendar entry.