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About the ID Allocation Process

Once your organisation accedes to the SEC, SECAS will allocate your Party a unique ID range, which you will need to become a DCC User.

ID allocation comprises of three elements:

  1. An organisation number
  2. An EUI-64 Compliant identifier range
  3. A Party Signifier

What is the ID Allocation Spreadsheet?

The ID Allocation Spreadsheet records all SEC Parties and their corresponding organisation number, EUI-64 Compliant identifier range, Party Signifier, DCC and Registration Data Provider (RDP) names. You can download the latest version of the ID Allocation Spreadsheet here once you have logged in.

How is the ID Allocation Spreadsheet data used?

The DCC accepts the ID allocation for each User Role that a SEC Party applies for. To ensure that the DCC accepts your ID, you must ensure the identifier is within your allocated range.

You may wish to use the assigned EUI-64 Compliant Identifier as your User ID for the User Roles ‘Import Supplier’, ‘Registered Supplier Agent’ and ‘Other User’. Which numbers you use in your range is down to your organisation’s discretion.

How can I be sure the spreadsheet is authentic?

The ID Allocation Spreadsheet is digitally signed by SECAS on behalf of the SEC Panel. This provides the DCC, SEC Parties and Registration Data Providers (RDPs) with certification of its content.

The ID Allocation spreadsheet is authentic if it is digitally signed by Abigail Hermon (Certificate Subject – secas@smartenergycodecompany.co.uk). To check the signature, click ‘file’ and then ‘view signatures’. You can then view the signature on the right-hand side of the workbook.

My company name has changed – what do I need to do?

If your company name, as listed on Companies House, changes, please inform SECAS by filling out an online Change in Party Details form and we will update the ID Allocation Spreadsheet.

How do I check my current or past company details?

SECAS updates the ID Allocation Spreadsheet with a record of SEC Party name changes. Parties that have withdrawn or been expelled from the SEC are highlighted.


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