SEC Newsletter – 5 October 2018

Hello and welcome to this edition of the SEC newsletter. Watch for: an updated Central Products List (CPL) New Entry Form Individuals will be able to prepare submissions to add Device Models to the live CPL using Release 2.0 Technical Specification functionality. Changes will therefore be made to the New Entry form and CPL submissions,

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SEC Newsletter September 2018

Hello and welcome to the new format SECAS newsletter. The new format contains shorter articles, with links through to the SECAS website for more information. We cover the same general topics of SEC Governance, Change Modifications and Consultations and will be looking ahead as well as reporting important decisions. Alongside upcoming SEC Meetings, the Events

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SEC Newsletter August 2018

Hi, and welcome to the August SEC newsletter. We have some significant changes to the SEC Modification Process to tell you about this month as well as the usual content, including the regular Change update. In August, the Change Board recommended to the Authority that SECMP0049 ‘Section D Review: Amendments to the Modification Process’ should be

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SEC Newsletter July 2018

Hello all, This month I’d like to highlight one way we are working on improving communications with you. We want to ensure that the information you need on the SEC is easy to find and understand, and any changes and improvements we make are based on your recommendations and feedback. Part of these improvements was re-development

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SEC Newsletter June 2018

Hello, Welcome to the June SEC newsletter. As well as rising temperatures and light evenings, this time of year is also when we host the SEC Party Engagement Day. This year it is on the 12th July – here is the Invitation to the SEC Party Engagement Day – 12th July 2018. This is your opportunity

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SEC Newsletter May 2018

Hi all, It is said that the only constant in life is change, and that is true even with the change process itself. Following the completion of our SEC Section D Review, three Modification Proposals were raised to progress the key findings, with the core proposal being the introduction of a new Development Stage to

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SEC Newsletter April 2018

Good afternoon, Welcome to the new financial year, and for some of the SEC Sub-Committees, that means a new round of member nominations and elections. The Sub-Committees play an invaluable role in ensuring the Panel are supported to deliver the SEC Objectives; the first of which is to facilitate the efficient provision, installation, and operation,

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SECAS Newsletter March 2018

Message from SECAS Hello all, I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing Easter break. From a Technical and Operations perspective, the first quarter of 2018 was filled with preparations for Release 2.0, the SMETS1 Services release, and bedding down the role and activities of the Operations Group that was established at the end of

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SECAS Newsletter February 2018

  Hi all, If there is one thing that remains the same with the SEC, it is that there is a lot of Change happening. This month the SEC Change team have been supporting 27 open Modification Proposals, designated two versions of the Smart Energy Code, and hosted a successful SEC Section D workshop as

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SECAS Newsletter January 2018

Welcome to the first Smart Energy Code Newsletter of 2018. This is due to be another significant year for the Smart Metering Implementation Programme and the SEC. Key milestones such as the SMETS1 and Advanced Metering Exception end dates are approaching, with SMETS1 Enrolment and Adoption activities scheduled to occur. Release 2.0 is also scheduled

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