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Managing Critical Alerts

Managing Critical Alerts after DCC User to Non-DCC User churn

In the absence of a non-gateway solution, on customer churn from a DCC User to a non-DCC User, the Supplier (DCC User) whose security credentials remain on a meter will continue to receive any Critical Alerts sent by that meter.

Following industry consultation through Energy UK, a set of principles and a process to manage these alerts has been established.

The Managing Critical Alerts where there is DCC User to Non-DCC User Churn Guidance Note is developed and maintained by SECAS. The purpose of this guidance note is to illustrate the process and requirements for dealing with Critical Alerts where there is DCC User to Non-User churn. The guidance note includes:

  • the DCC User Suppliers, Non-DCC User Suppliers, and SECAS process steps;
  • a description of the Supplier Contact List
  • a process map outlining how critical alerts should be forwarded on from a DCC User to Non-DCC User Supplier;
  • a process map outlining the process SECAS and Suppliers undertake to update the Supplier Contact List; and
  • the list of relevant Critical Alerts that this process will apply to.

Supplier Contact List

The Supplier Contact List will be updated and published securely on the SEC website. It will include the main and alternative contact references of the respective Suppliers. In order to be effective, it will be up to Suppliers to ensure that the contact details remain up to date.

How to update the Supplier Contact List

Suppliers are requested to proactively provide the contact details to the SECAS Helpdesk. On a quarterly basis, SECAS will initiate an email and will require confirmation from each supplier that the contact details are valid.


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