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Current SEC Parties

You can download the list of Current SEC Parties here.

Who are SEC Parties?

Ofgem Licence conditions require the following to become a Party to the SEC:

  • the Data Communications Company (DCC)
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Network Operators

If an organisation isn’t required by Licence to become a SEC Party but would like to be a SEC Party, it is possible to accede to the Code. Once a SEC Party, an organisation can then become a DCC User.

SEC Parties must comply with provisions relating to their Party Category, set out in the SEC. The Party Engagement team can advise on your obligations as a SEC Party.

SEC Party categories

SEC Parties are categorised as follows:

  • Gas Networks
  • Electricity Networks
  • Large Suppliers
  • Small Suppliers
  • Other SEC Parties

If you are an affiliate of a SEC Party, you will need to be a SEC Party in your own right. However, the parent company that you are an affiliate of, will form the Voting Group. Each Voting Group has one vote which is used for matters such as Panel and Sub-Committee Elections. If your Party does not have affiliates, then it forms its own Voting Group.

Publishing and Updating SEC Party details

SECAS publish a record of Party Details on the SECAS Website as per Section M6.3; which you can download here. This includes legal corporate information about Parties.

The SEC Parties list is updated when a Party Accedes, withdraws or is expelled from the SEC, and when other Party Details change for example a change of legal name or ownership.

What do you need to do?

You need to ensure that your SEC Party Details remain up-to-date (requirement of Section M6.2), so that SECAS can keep you informed with relevant and important updates.  It is also important for processes that you will undertake such as the DCC User Entry Process.

How to Change your SEC Party Details?

To change your SEC Party Details, please access the online Change in Party Details form found on our Change in Party Details webpage. You will need to be logged in to access the webpage and form.

Please complete the form with any details that have changed and state if you consent for the DCC to be notified. SECAS will review the information provided and respond as soon as possible.