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Change in SEC Party Details

How do I change my SEC Party details?

You need to ensure that your SEC Party Details remain up-to-date (requirement of Section M6.2), so that SECAS can keep you informed with relevant and important updates, including SEC Panel updates, engagement event invitations and SEC product releases.

To change your SEC Party Details, please submit a ‘Change in Party Details’ form. A member of the SECAS team will then contact you to confirm the details have been changed or request further information. You will need to be logged in to access the form. If you do not yet have a SEC website account, please register here.

The form includes space to update your individual contact details for primary and other SEC contacts. These are not published.

Change in SEC Party details form

Please ensure this form is electronically signed by an appropriately authorised officer of your company. That may be either the existing Primary Contact SECAS holds for your Party, or a Company Official registered with Companies House or equivalent company registration authority

Please click here to complete the Change in SEC Party details form.

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