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Code Administration Code of Practice

What is the CACoP?

As part of Ofgem’s Code Governance Review, the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) was established in 2010.

The CACoP is a cross-Code document that aims to provide consistency in the approach and level of service provided by Code Administrators. It contains 14 principles to facilitate consistency and transparency in the Code modification processes and protect the interests of smaller market participants and consumers.

The CACoP and associated documents are available to download below. Further information on the CACoP can be found on Ofgem’s website.


What are the CACoP principles?

The 14 CACoP principles are:

  1. Code Administrators shall be critical friends
  2. Documentation published by Code Administrators shall be in clear English
  3. Information will be promptly and publicly available to users
  4. The CACoP will be reviewed periodically and subject to amendment by users
  5. Code Administrators shall support processes which enable users to access a ‘pre-Modification’ process to discuss and develop Modifications
  6. A proposer of a Modification will retain ownership of the detail of their solution
  7. Code Administrators will facilitate alternative solutions to issues being developed to the same degree as an original solution
  8. Estimates of implementation costs to central systems will be produced and consulted upon prior to a Modification being recommended for approval
  9. Legal text will be produced and consulted upon prior to a Modification being recommended for approval
  10. Modifications will be consulted upon and easily accessible to users, who will be given reasonable time to respond
  11. There will be flexibility for implementation, to allow proportionate delivery times and realisation of benefits
  12. The Code Administrators will report annually on agreed metrics
  13. Code Administrators will ensure cross Code coordination to progress changes efficiently where Modifications impact multiple Codes
  14. Code Administrators shall support prospective energy innovators

Please note that under the SEC Modification Process, the Change Board will provide the final recommendation to the Authority for any Authority-Determined Modifications.

As required by SEC Section C7.2, SECAS must comply with these principles.


The CACoP Forum

The CACoP Forum is a regular meeting of the Code Administrators. At these meetings, we review and discuss cross-Code issues and co-ordinate solutions to these. We also discuss ways to make navigating the Code landscape easier. These meetings are also open to interested Parties to attend.

Each Code Administrator takes it in turns to chair the Forum and facilitate discussions, including hosting and managing the meetings. This year (2021) the CACoP chair is the Master Registration Agreement (MRA). You can find all relevant information here, and please email for more information or if you have any questions.

The CACoP Forum prepares a Forward Work Plan at the start of each year, laying out the activities it plans to complete that year. You can download the 2021 Forward Work Plan below:

At the end of each year, the Chair of the Forum produces a review of its year chairing the Forum. You can download past reports below:


CACoP products

To support the industry in viewing the cross-Code landscape, the CACoP Forum has produced the following products:

The CACoP Forum also issues a quarterly newsletter updating on cross-Code activities. You can download these below:

Previous editions can be found here.


CACoP engagement events

The CACoP Forum hosted an online seminar on 19 November 2020 where the Code Administrators provided an update on how the Retail Code Consolidation (RCC) and Faster Switching Significant Code Reviews (SCRs) would impact on Parties. You can find the slides and a recording of the event here.

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