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​​​The Smart Energy Code (SEC) is a multi-Party agreement which defines the rights and obligations of energy suppliers, network operators and other relevant parties involved in the end to end management of smart metering in Great Britain.

The SEC comes into force under the Data and Communications Company (DCC) Licence, which has been established to manage the smart metering communications infrastructure. The former Department of Energy and Climate Change (now the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) issued the designation of the SEC and the Charging Methodology on 23rd September 2013 following the granting of the DCC Licence.

The designation letter identified the members of the SEC Panel and Gemserv as the company which will act as the Smart Energy Code Administrator and Secretariat (SECAS).

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Latest News

A great success: Spotlight on the SEC event 12 September

We welcomed SEC Parties to our Spotlight on the SEC event on 12 September and it was great to meet those who attended. Attendees heard about how SECAS is digitalising the SEC to make it User-friendly and interactive for SEC Parties, and the Smart Metering Device Assurance scheme provided exciting news that the first Devices

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SEC Modcast – 13 Sep 19: Your regular update on SEC Change

We have now released the next episode of our SEC Modcast, providing an update on the key activities taking place regarding SEC modifications and releases and what you should look out for in the next week or so. In this episode we cover the items going to SEC Panel this week and our new Draft

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Consultation on changes to the Smart Energy Code and DCC Licence Conditions

Today the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) issued a consultation on proposed changes to the Smart Energy Code (SEC) and Data Communications Company (DCC) Licence. The intent of these changes is largely to facilitate the continued enrolment of SMETS1 smart meters into the DCC network. There are also some other miscellaneous smart

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