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Below you can find links useful links to those involved in the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) and Smart Energy Code (SEC):

Links to Documentation Useful to Industry Participants


The purpose of this reference list is to assist industry with navigation to a variety of the more technical materials that may be of useful to note. The links are provided for information and as an aid and it can, therefore, never be a definitive list and do not replace or supersede the SEC or these related arrangements in any way. Parties should always refer to Licence Conditions and SEC in the first instance. Some of the links provided may require additional access permissions to be sort from other parties, where appropriate, an attempt to explain this is provided.

Regulatory Documents


Commercial Products Assurance – Security Characteristics

The current versions of the Security Characteristics (SCs) can be found on the NCSC website here, including:

  • CPA Security Characteristic Standalone Auxiliary Proportional Controller (SAPC)
  • CPA SC Smart Metering Communications Hub
  • CPA SC Smart Metering HAN CALCS
  • CPA SC Electricity Smart Metering Equipment
  • CPA SC Gas Smart Metering Equipment
  • CPA SC Triage interface updates
  • CPA SC Agreed Interpretations


Note: the documents are provided for UK Smart Energy partners of the Zigbee Alliance to download documents referred to by the GB Companion Specification (GBCS). Users must register their details as a prerequisite in order to download.


Documents Supporting Regulation

BEIS Documents

Note: to request access to BEIS SharePoint site, email:

DCC Service Users’ SharePoint Site

DCC provides the a secure SharePoint space where working drafts, discussion slide decks and other documents and artefacts in development are shared with parties who sign up to the DCC SharePoint usage policy. It operates as a ‘virtual’ User forum for those who engage regularly with source materials and for informed but occasional Users.