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Becoming a DCC User

All Energy Suppliers which hold an energy licence are required to become a DCC User, as per the licence conditions.

Only DCC Users can use the DCC Services; such as communicating via the DCC User Interface and enrolling Smart Metering Systems as described in SEC Section H ‘DCC Services’.

Energy Licence HeldLicence Conditions to
become a DCC User
Electricity Distribution

Condition 21AIf not a Distribution Services Provider
Electricity SupplyCondition 48Conditions 39 and 48.9
Gas SupplierCondition 42Conditions 33 and 42.9
Gas TransporterN/AN/A
All other Ofgem LicencesN/AN/A

SECAS and the DCC will help you to meet the criteria to become a DCC User. You must become a SEC Party to begin the User Entry Process (UEP). SECAS and the DCC manage this process, and we will help you to meet the criteria required, set out below.

User ID obtained from Panel via SECAS EUI-64 Compliant Notified to DCC
Credit Cover to be lodged with the DCC where applicable (see Guidance Notes below)
User Entry Process Tests (UEPT) In accordance with the Common Test Scenarios (CTS)
SMKI & Repository Entry Process Tests (SREPT) In accordance with the SR Test Scenarios
User Security Assessment Carried out by the User Independent Security Assurance Service Provider – the CIO procured by Panel Section G3-6 requirements
Privacy Audit Carried out by the Independent Privacy Auditor – the CIO procured by the Panel Section 12 requirements

Our UEP Guidance Notes explain what you need to do to successfully complete the UEP and become a DCC User.

Helpful tip: Our UEP Evidence Form is a handy checklist for you to track your progress and submit to the SECAS Helpdesk once you have completed the steps above.

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