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The Communications Transition Group (CTG)

The SEC Panel has established the Communications Transition Group (CTG) as a Sub-Committee of the SEC Panel in accordance with SEC Section C2.4(d) and the SEC Panel’s Programme Assurance Policy which sets out the framework and processes for SEC involvement and oversight in DCC initiated projects and programmes that have the potential to impact DCC Users.

With the DCC’s 4G Communications Hub & Network programme now in delivery mode, the SEC Panel recognises the potential for significant impacts to DCC Users and consumers and has agreed the establishment of the CTG as a new SEC Panel Sub-Committee to oversee the Transition activities on behalf of SEC Parties and other key industry stakeholders. SECAS is now calling for both SEC Party and Non-SEC Party representative nominations to join the CTG.

The planned 2G sunsetting by 2033 and the expected 3G sunsetting ahead of that underlines the significant importance of the need to move to 4G communication services. The CTG’s key purpose is to ensure that the multiple transitions as part of the switchover from 3G and 2G services to 4G are delivered with minimal impact to DCC Users and end-users of smart metering devices. The CTG will facilitate communication and cooperation between the DCC, DCC Users and other key stakeholders and will oversee the alignment of all Parties’ transition activities throughout the duration of the programme.

As part of its Terms of Reference, the CTG is responsible for key activities, such as the development and management of the overall transition plan alongside management of issues and risks with input from CTG Members, the DCC, BEIS and Ofgem.

Meeting documentation for the CTG can be accessed by visiting the Meeting Calendar page and selecting the applicable meeting calendar entry.