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Smart Metering Implementation Programme

The UK Government is committed to delivering the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP), an energy-industry led programme which aims to roll-out approximately 53 million smart electricity and gas meters to domestic properties and non-domestic sites in Great Britain. This will impact approximately 30 million premises.

The aim of the SMIP is to provide consumers with “real time” information on their energy consumption to help them:

  • control and manage their energy use
  • save money and reduce carbon emissions
  • bring an end to estimated billing
  • make informed purchasing decisions reducing the barriers to switching between suppliers.

It also aims to support Great Britain’s transition to a low carbon economy and meet some of the challenges in ensuring an affordable, secure and sustainable energy supply.

The SMIP is a major change for the electricity and gas industry and there are many industry stakeholders that are affected by these new arrangements. As such, a multi-Party agreement, the Smart Energy Code (SEC), has been developed to define the rights and obligations of all those involved at an industry level. The SEC was officially designated on 23rd September 2013 and is governed by the SEC Panel.