DCC Scheme Approval

6 September 2018

The DCC have an obligation under SEC Appendix C to submit the SMKI Services to a SMKI Independent Assurance Scheme to establish compliance with the SMKI Document Set at a frequency recommended by the Independent Assessor or determined by the SMKI PMA.  The SMKI PMA have determined that an assessment should be conducted at least annually and the DCC has complied.

Following consideration of the Independent Assessor’s Report and the DCC Response, the SMKI PMA is required under SEC Appendix C to set an assurance status and to notify all Parties of the extent to which the DCC is compliant with those related requirements. At the SMKI PMA meeting on 21st August 2018, the sub-committee set an assurance status of ‘approved’, in relation to the SMKI Services.

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