Advanced Notice that the TABASC Architecture Effectiveness review questionnaire will be issued in April 2018

12 March 2018

Purpose of this notification

This notification is being issued  to provide advance notice that the Smart Energy Code (SEC) Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) will soon be issuing a questionnaire to obtain data and supporting information to inform its review of the SEC Technical Architecture, Business Architectures and the Home Area Network requirements.

The Effectiveness Review

SEC Sections F1.4 (e), (f) and (g) set out the requirements for the TABASC, when directed to do so by the Panel, to review the effectiveness of the End-to-End Technical Architecture, Business Architecture and the HAN requirements.

The Effectiveness Review Questionnaire

The TABASC, with agreement from the SEC Panel, has developed a questionnaire that will be issued to all DCC Users, including those that are part way from the User Entry Process.

The questionnaire is to obtain views on organisations experience of live operations to date. While, subsequent questionnaires will be issued to allow an assessment of how views have changed over time, as installation rates and the number of DCC Users increase.

The purpose is to identify any emerging problems that may be attributed to the effectiveness of the design and specifications relating to the Technical Architecture, Business Architecture and/or to the HAN requirements and to report, confidentially, to the SEC Panel with recommendations as required.

Scope of the Questionnaire

In addition to seeking input on the effectiveness or the Technical Architecture, Business Architecture and HAN requirements, the questionnaire includes questions that will also give an indication of any operational challenges or issues that Users are encountering. The responses to these questions will be considered by the TABASC from an architecture perspective. They will also be considered by the Operations Group (SEC Panel Sub-Committee) to inform areas that it needs to monitor through reporting and updates from the DCC.

Format of the Effectiveness Review Questionnaire

The Effectiveness Review will take the form of an online questionnaire (on the SurveyMonkey platform).
A link to the questionnaire will be issued via email week ending the 11th April 2018. It will also be accessible via a latest news article on the SEC Website. A reminder to respond will be included in the April 2018 SECAS Newsletter.

Supporting Information

In support of this notification, please find a link below to a zip folder containing:

  • a briefing slide deck, providing further details on the purpose of the Effectiveness Review; and
  • the set of Effectiveness Review questions, that will be contained within the online questionnaire once issued

TABASC Effectiveness Review Briefing Pack and Questions

In advance of the questionnaire being issued, if you would like more information  on the Effectiveness Review and associated questionnaire, please email the SECAS helpdesk (