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Release 1.4

Release 1.4 was the first post DCC Live (i.e. Release 1.2 and Release 1.3) Release. It provided DCC Users with new functionality and included changes targeted at resolving a number of agreed SEC Transitional Variations, along with additional security enhancements requested by the Security Sub Committee (SSC).

Release 1.4 implemented the following functional changes:

  •  Multiple User IDs (SEC H1.5): Provides functionality to support Users which choose to use more than one User ID for each SEC Party and User Role.


Release 1.4 also included the following changes to DCC Internal System changes:

  • SSI changes (SEC H8.16(c)): Provides functionality to allow Users to access audit table records for ‘Read Profile Data’ and ‘Retrieve Daily Consumption Log’ Service Requests for any supply point, including those which are not registered to that User; and
  • Changes to the Anomaly Detection Limits: These changes support a request made by the Security Sub Committee in relation to the Anomaly Detection SMETS Object Limits. They accommodate four new data value checks based on SMETS objects for Signed Pre-Commands received by the DCC Systems for the following data items: Calorific Value; Conversion Factor; Uncontrolled Gas Flow Rate; and Randomised Offset Limit.


Release 1.4 also included the following changes to DCC Internal Systems:

  • Java (Software platform: Java version uplift to 7u131);
  • VoltDB (Oracle Software platform: Volt DB version uplift to v6.9); and
  • JBoss (Software platform: JBoss version uplift to v6.4 JBoss EAP 6.4.11.


Release 1.4 content went into the production environment on 5th November 2017.

A further functional Change, Changes to the Recovery Procedure, which was originally scheduled to be deployed to production as part of Release 1.4, is now scheduled to be delivered in April 2018 as part of a wider SMKI Recovery delivery activity.

For more information on the scope of Release 1.4 please see the DCC Release 1.4 Statement of Scope document.