November 2019 SEC Release »

November 2019 SEC Release

The November 2019 SEC Release went live on 29 November 2019, and was the first enduring SEC Release to contain DCC System impacting changes arising from SEC Modification Proposals. The following modifications were implemented in this release:

SECMP0018 'Standard Electricity Distributor Configuration Settings'Implemented
SECMP0023 ‘Correct Units of Measure for Uncontrolled Gas Flow Rate’Implemented
SECMP0025 ‘Electricity Network Party Access to Load Switching Information’Implemented
SECMP0039 ‘Communication Hub returns notification mechanism for Other SEC Parties’Implemented
SECMP0055 'Incorporation of multiple Issue Resolution Proposals into the SEC'Implemented
SECMP0060 ‘Amend Requirements to remove ‘Pending’ devices from SMI’Implemented
MP071 'Second-Comer Charging'Implemented
MP073 'Alteration of SMKI Repository information and documentation'Implemented
MP074 'Clarity on Obtaining SMKI Device Certificates'Implemented
MP076 'Pursuing Non-Payment in Events of Default'Implemented

The SEC Release Implementation Document was last updated on 31 October 2019 following the further change of implementation date, and you can download this version of the document below.

On 1 October 2019, the SEC Panel wrote to the Authority to request the implementation date be amended to 24 November 2019, with flexibility to extend this to 1 December if required. The Authority approved this request on 8 October 2019. The Panel’s letter to the Authority and the Authority’s response can be downloaded below.

On 30 October 2019, the Panel used the discretion granted by the Authority to further revise the implementation date to 29 November 2019. The Panel paper providing the rationale for this decision can be downloaded below.


DCC November 2019 Release

Provided below is a table of documents published to support the implementation of the DCC November 2019 Release.

SEC Document nameDate Baselined
SEC Schedule 8 - GB Companion Specification v2.1 - v3.2 mark-up21 June 2019
SEC Schedule 9 - Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications v3.1 - v4.2 mark-up10 June 2019
SEC Schedule 10 - Communication Hubs Technical Specification v1.1 - v1.3 mark-up10 June 2019
SEC Appendix AD - DCC User Interface Specification v3.1 Draft 528 July 2019
SEC Appendix AF - Message Mapping Catalogue v3.1 Draft 210 June 2019

Note: Please refer to the SEC Schedule 11 – TS Applicability Tables for current applicability. The GBCS, SMETS, and CHTS documents in table above are intended as guidance for their latest designations on 4 July 2019 for implementation in the November SEC Release. They contain all mark-up of changes since the last active version up to this latest designation.