SECMP 0076: Pursuing Non-Payment in Events of Default

Date raised 10/05/2019 Modifications Path Path 3 – Self Governance
Current stage Modification Proposal Rasied Overall status Initial Consideration
Refinement? No Urgent modification? No
Proposer name Simon Trivella Proposer's organisation British Gas


Section J2.6 of the SEC addresses payment default. It currently states that the Data Communications Company (DCC) must notify the SEC Panel of a payment default, and that the DCC shall ‘take all reasonable steps and proceedings to pursue payment’. There is a general concern that the way that payment defaults are currently handled could affect the outcome of future defaults, and the SEC Panel propose to eliminate the possibility for SEC Parties to pay socialised costs as far as possible.

The DCC currently seek to pursue payment and consult with the SEC Panel, and the Proposer would like to address the ambiguity surrounding who has authority on the matter.

The full Draft Proposal can be found here.

Latest Progress

This Draft Proposal will be considered by the Change Sub-Committee on 28 May 2019 and we aim to present this proposal to the Panel on 14 June 2019.

Proposed implementation timetable

Draft Proposal Raised: 10 May 2019

Considered by the Change Sub-Committee: 28 May 2019

Considered by the Panel: 14 June 2019

Implementation date



  • Modification Proposal Raised
  • Initial Modification Report
  • Refinement Process
  • Modification Report
  • Change Board Vote
  • Modification Decision
DP076 - Draft Proposal
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