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About SEC Change

The Smart Energy Code (SEC) can be modified in accordance with SEC Section D, which outlines the Modification Process.

To initiate the process of raising a new Draft Proposal, please fill out the online form here, or email your draft problem statement to sec.change@gemserv.com.

Any SEC Party that is looking to raise a new modification needs only to submit this form or email to us containing their draft problem statement. Your draft problem statement will be developed into a full proposal during the first part of the process, the Development Stage.

Please note that we will provide a review of your draft problem statement as a Critical Friend, before it is formally raised as a Draft Proposal. We aim to return our comments to you within five Working Days of you submitting your proposal, so please allow for this in any timescales. Furthermore, we are only seeking a description of the problem at this stage – no work will be done on solutions during the Development Stage.

The Panel has established the Change Sub-Committee to oversee the assessment of new Draft Proposals through the Development Stage, to a point where the problem statement can be agreed, and the proposal is ready to be converted to a Modification Proposal. This group is currently being stood up, and the Panel will fulfill this role in the interim.

Guidance on the new Development Stage can be found in the following series of articles:

We will be producing further guidance on the process and updating our webpages over the coming weeks, but please contact us at sec.change@gemserv.com if you have any queries.

Once the Development Stage is complete and the Panel has agreed the problem statement is fully understood, your proposal can advance to become a Modification Proposal. From there it will enter either the Refinement Process or the Report Phase.

The Panel has also established the Change Board to consider each Modification Report and the Modification Report Consultation responses received at the end of the Modification Process, and to decide whether to recommend approval or rejection of a Modification Proposal to the Authority, or approve or reject a Modification Proposal if progressed under Self-Governance. More details on the Change Board are available here

If you would like to receive SEC Modification information, including Modification Proposals, updates to the Modifications Register, Change Board updates, and invitations to Modification Working Groups, please email us at sec.change@gemserv.com.