November 2018 SEC Release »

November 2018 SEC Release

The November 2018 SEC Release was implemented on 1 November 2018. The following modifications were implemented in this release:

ModificationImplementation DateStatus
SECMP0006 'Specifying the number of digits for device display'8 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0008 'Provision of a DCC Alert (formerly Service Request Error Response) for Quarantined Service Requests'1 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0019 'ALCS Description Labels'1 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0027 'Amending Service Request Forecasting'1 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0029 'Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Testing Amendments'1 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0034 'Changes to the SEC Section D for DCC analysis provisions'1 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0047 'Default Provisions for Other SEC Parties'31 October 2018Implemented
SECMP0048 'Extension of SMETS gas Valve exemption to include Large Gas Meters installed at Domestic Premises'8 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0050 'Section D Review: Moving the Working Group Terms of Reference to a separate document'1 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0051 'Section D Review: Amendments to the Fast Track Modification process'1 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0052 'Updates to the DCCKI CP and DCCKI RAPP'1 November 2018Implemented
SECMP0065 'SMETS1 Security Obligations'8 November 2018Implemented

Please note there were three Modification Proposals approved for implementation a week later and one a day earlier than official release date. These modifications were included as part of this release for efficiency.