November 2022 SEC Release »

November 2022 SEC Release

The November 2022 SEC Release, due to go live on 3 November 2022, will contain DCC System impacting changes arising from SEC Modification Proposals. The following modifications are currently in scope:

SECMP0015 'GPF timestamp for reading instantaneous Gas values'Approved
SECMP0056 'IHD / PPMID Zigbee Attributes Available on the HAN'Approved
MP078 'Incorporation of multiple Issue Resolution Proposals into the SEC - Part 2'Targeted
MP085A 'Synchronisation of smart meter voltage measurement periods'Targeted
MP099 'Incorporation of multiple Issue Resolution Proposals into the SEC - Batch 4'Approved
MP140 'CH Stock Transfer'Targeted
MP141 'SRV Visibility for Devices on SSI'Approved
MP143 'Incorporating IRPs into GBCS v3 series'Targeted
MP192 'Extend Scheduled Services for SMETS1 Devices'Targeted


Release documentation

The SEC Release Implementation Document covering the modifications targeted for inclusion in this release is available below. This document was last updated on 15 December 2021 following the scope of on the DCC Systems being baselined by the the Change Sub-Committee, including the addition of MP196

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