SECMP0007 Firmware updates to IHDs and PPMIDs

Proposer John Noad
Lead Analyst Joe Hehir
Date raised 01/03/2016
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Not yet determined
Latest update SECAS have amended the business requirements in line with the Working Groups decisions on 19 December 2019. This modification is undergoing a DCC Impact Assessment.

What is the issue?

This modification seeks to address the lack of capability to update firmware Over-The-Air (OTA) for mandated Home Area Network (HAN) Devices via the Data Communications Company’s (DCC’s) infrastructure. The Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) technical specifications currently capture OTA firmware updates via the DCC to the Communications Hub, Electricity Smart Metering Equipment (ESME) and Gas Smart Metering Equipment (GSME) only. Requirements for OTA firmware updates to mandated HAN devices are not captured.

What is the solution?

The scope of this modification consists of PPMIDs and HCALCSs.

The Proposer has agreed to progress with a combination of the two solutions given in the DCC Preliminary Assessment:

  • Original Approach, ZigBee OTA Delivery for PPMIDs

  • Extend Proven ESME/GSME OTA firmware method for HCALCSs

Option 1 involves a mechanism to deliver the firmware images to PPMIDs using ZigBee OTA delivery. This method introduces the combined distribution and activation of the firmware updates into a single Service Request. The Communications Hub is to manage the activation of PPMID firmware. The PPMID itself will manage the notification to the Service User upon activation of the firmware.

Option 2 is an extension to the existing ESME/GSME OTA firmware procedure to the HCALCS. This approach involves the HCALCS supporting firmware distribution in a manner that would be similar to ESME/GSME firmware distribution and activation using GBCS Critical Commands.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Other SEC Parties
IHD, PPMID and HCALCS manufacturers

What SEC documents are affected?

Schedule 8 'Great Britain Companion Specification'
Schedule 9 'Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications'
Schedule 10 'Communications Hub Technical Specifications'
Schedule 11 'TS Applicability Tables'
Appendix R ‘Common Testing Scenarios Document’
Appendix AD 'DCC User Interface Specification'
Appendix AF 'Message Mapping Catalogue'


01 Mar 2016
Modification Proposal raised
04 Apr 2016
Working Group meeting
16 May 2016
Working Group meeting
10 Jun 2016
17 May 2017
First DCC Preliminary Assessment
16 Jun 2016
Working Group meeting
03 Jul 2017
Working Group meeting
17 Oct 2017
08 Nov 2017
First Refinement Consultation
29 Jan 2018
Firmware workshop
01 Mar 2018
Working Group meeting
11 Apr 2018
Update provided to the SSC
05 Jul 2018
11 Apr 2019
Second DCC Preliminary Assessment
24 Jul 2018
Working Group meeting
24 Jul 2018
Working Group meeting
01 May 2019
Working Group meeting
24 May 2019
17 Jun 2019
Second Refinement Consultation
07 Aug 2019
Working Group meeting
09 Oct 2019
Update provided to the SSC
06 Nov 2019
Working Group meeting
19 Dec 2019
Working Group meeting

Modification documents

SECMP0007 business requirements v1.3
SECMP0007 draft legal text v0.3
SECMP0007 Working Group summaries
SECMP0007 Modification Report v0.3
SECMP0007 DCC design note
SECMP0007 second Refinement Consultation responses
SECMP0007 second Refinement Consultation
SECMP0007 second DCC Preliminary Assessment
SECMP0007 first Refinement Consultation responses
SECMP0007 first Refinement Consultation
SECMP0007 first DCC Preliminary Assessment
SECMP0007 Initial Modification Report
SECMP0007 Modification Proposal
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