SECMP0056 IHD / PPMID Zigbee Attributes Available on the HAN

Proposer Emslie Law
Lead Analyst SEC Change
Date raised 05/07/2018
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update The DCC are carrying out their Impact Assessment of the proposed solution which was requested on 25 June 2019.

What is the issue?

Currently under the SEC, SMETS2 Type 1 and Type 2 devices (specifically In-Home Displays (IHDs) and Prepayment Interface Devices (PPMIDs), notwithstanding Consumer Access Devices (CADs)) are not notified of a Change of Tenancy (COT) or Change of Supplier (COS) event. This could allow a new tenant to access the previous tenant’s personal information and place the Supplier in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The solution proposes to make the appropriate Zigbee attributes available to IHDs/PPMIDs on the Home Area Network (HAN) under SMETS2 as is currently the case in SMETS1.

What is the solution?

The solution proposes to make Zigbee attributes for CoT parameters available to HAN Devices such as IHDs and PPMIDs and also mandate IHDs and PPMIDs to query the ESME and GPF for CoT information.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Device Manufacturers

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Schedule 11 'TS Applicability Tables'

Modification documents

SECMP0056 Refinement Consultation responses
SECMP0056 Refinement Consultation
SECMP0056 Working Group Meeting Summary May 19
SECMP0056 DCC Preliminary Assessment (23.04.19)
SECMP0056 Initial Modification Report
SECMP0056 Proposal Form
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