SEC Newsletter 15 August 2019

Welcome to our latest edition of the SEC Newsletter.

We are going digital! SECAS has been busy working to digitalise the SEC. Why? To make the Code clearer and more user friendly for you. Read on to learn more and find out how you can get involved.

This edition also includes details of our next SECAS event, plus we have teamed up with the Smart Meter Device Assurance team to provide you with an exciting update.


Spotlight on the SEC

Calling all SEC Parties! You should have received an invitation to our Spotlight on the SEC event which takes place on 12 September. We have a great range of speakers and topics lined up and we look forward to seeing you there.

Places are restricted to two attendees per SEC Party and are expected to fill quickly so don’t delay and reserve your place today by emailing


The SEC is going digital!

We’ve listened to your feedback that you’d like the SEC to be more accessible and have been busily working on a solution.

Very soon we will be launching CodeWorks, a web-based, searchable version of the SEC, which will allow you to search for content relevant to your Party type. So, if you are a Small Supplier, you’ll be able to download details of SEC Obligations which are only relevant to YOU.

We are also looking to use CodeWorks as a collaboration tool for Modifications Proposals, which will allow more Parties to interact with the change process through virtual collaboration. Additionally, there is a plan to move security self-assessments onto CodeWorks to increase efficiency, which we will be discussing with the Security Sub-Committee. The initial launch is expected mid-September, which subsequent releases in November and early 2020.

The SEC Panel support a move to digitally transform the way we all interact with the SEC and its associated processes and are looking for feedback from Parties on any areas or processes that they feel would benefit from being included within the scope of this project. Please contact with any thoughts, ideas, if you would like a CodeWorks demonstration or to be part of the testing and deployment of the new digital SEC.


Consequential changes of the Ofgem Switching Programme on the SEC

Ofgem’s Switching Programme is introducing new arrangements to ensure that customers can switch quickly, reliably and easily. The Retail Energy Code (REC) will set out the rules and obligations for switching and the Centralised Switching Service (CSS) will enable customer to switch their energy supply within 24 hours.

The new arrangements will impact the SEC. See here for more information on the consequential changes to the SEC and the proposed draft redlining. Please send your comments, thoughts or concerns to by 28 August 2019.



Key Custodian Nominations

A Key Custodian is an employee of a SEC Party who holds key shares. Multiple people from across the industry must be present to operate Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) recovery, and are a requirement of the SMKI Recovery system, vital to ensure the system remains secure.

Would you like to become a Key Custodian or know someone who may be interested? Or, not sure what a Key Custodian is and want to find out more? This could be an opportunity for you, so please click here to find out more.


The first Devices to be awarded Smart Meter Device Assurance (SMDA)

19 July saw the first Devices being awarded with SMDA Assurance. These Devices are now recognised to provide assurance to consumers, Suppliers and financiers that the smart meter equipment will work effectively in a smart environment. The Devices are listed on the Device Assurance Register (DAR) which is available to SMDA members. To become a member, simply follow the steps here. SMDA Members receive access to the DAR, monthly updates plus additional benefits, such as reduced testing fees and access to test specifications.

Assurance status is currently available for Credit functionality in the Central and South regions. If you’re interested in getting Assurance for your device, please email to request a quote. For any questions regarding SMDA please contact


New Draft Proposals

Three new Draft Proposals have been raised since the last newsletter:

We welcome your feedback and input on any open Draft Proposals. Please email your comments to


Withdrawn Changes

Two changes have been withdrawn as the Proposers felt that their concerns had been addressed. These were DP072 ‘Change of Supplier Process’ and MP075 ‘Third Party Metering Service Providers’.



Take a listen to the following latest Modcasts:


DCC Consultations

The DCC has the following open consultations:

Responses for all three consultations should be sent to


Automated, low cost charging of electric vehicles through the smart metering system

EDF Energy and EDMI Meters have been awarded a total of £2.7m innovation funding by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to demonstrate smart charging of electric vehicles using the smart metering system. See here for further information.


Proportional Load Control and associated SMETS drafting

BEIS have published a consultation on the government’s proposal to add proportional load control functionality to the Smart Metering System. This relatively small and incremental change will enable more precision and flexibility in the control of load on behalf of consumers than is currently possible. The deadline for responses is 20 September 2019.


Publication of SMICoP Customer Surveys

Ofgem intends to change the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) to require publication of the results of the SMICoP customer surveys. Ofgem requests that all domestic gas and electricity suppliers review the features of SMICoP. The deadline for responses is 30 August 2019.


Date   Meeting, Event or Deadline  
20 August   Smart Meter Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 60 
21 August  Change Board Meeting 33 
27 August   Change Sub-Committee 06 
28 August   Security Sub-Committee Meeting 82 
28 August  Testing Advisory Group Meeting 58  
28 August   Closing date for comments to SEC Change on Consequential Changes to the SEC due to Ofgem Switching Programme 
28 August   Closing date for DCC consultation on Testing Approach Documents to support Device Model Combinations  
3 September   Operations Group Meeting 24 
4 September   Monthly Working Group Meeting – September 2019 
6 September   Closing date for DCC consultation on SEC Variation Testing Approach Document for SMETS1 Services 
6 September   Closing date for DCC consultation on Transition Migration Approach Document for Middle Operating Capability  
9 September  Modification Question Hour 
11 September  Security Sub-Committee Meeting 85 
12 September  Spotlight on the SEC 
13 September  SEC Panel Meeting 72 
16 September   Closing Date for BEIS/ Ofgem joint consultation on reforming energy codes  
16 September   Closing Date for BEIS/ Ofgem joint consultation on flexible and responsive retail energy market 
17 September  Smart Meter Key Infrastructure Policy Management Authority Meeting 61 
18 September   Change Board Meeting 34 
19 September  Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting 46