SECMP 0072: Change of Supplier process

Date raised 10/04/2019 Modifications Path Path 3 – Self Governance
Current stage Not Applicable Overall status Initial Consideration
Refinement? Yes Urgent modification? No
Proposer name Kieran Williams Proposer's organisation SmartestEnergy


Problem Statement

An issue has been found following Change of Supplier (CoS) testing with a Large Supplier, in which a data change request was submitted for the Large Supplier to regain their meter back following testing carried out by SmartestEnergy, with effect from 18 September 2018. For reasons unknown to SmartestEnergy, the Supplier in question did not action their CoS Service Requests. Subsequently Smartest Energy noticed they had been receiving daily reads from a device that they no longer had responsibility for.

With no official process or escalation point to stop receiving unwanted alerts Smartest Energy received a total of 234 alerts, with roughly 78 of these messages containing specific readings with the date and time of a customer SmartestEnergy were no longer the Supplier for.

The full Draft Proposal can be found here.

Latest Progress

We have yet to receive any comments on this proposal. Any comments we do receive will be published on this page.

Proposed implementation timetable

Draft Proposal raised: 10 April 2019

To be considered by the Change Sub-Committee: 23 April 2019

Implementation date



  • Modification Proposal Raised
  • Initial Modification Report
  • Refinement Process
  • Modification Report
  • Change Board Vote
  • Modification Decision
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If you believe there is a problem with this modification, please let us know HERE.

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