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Ofgem Switching Programme

Ofgem’s Switching Programme is introducing new arrangements for the faster switching of customers. The rules and obligations for switching will be contained in the Retail Energy Code (REC) which will see the creation of the Centralised Switching Service (CSS) to process switching information.

These new arrangements will have an impact on the Smart Energy Code (SEC).

Current obligations for Network Parties to ensure Registration Data Providers (RDPs) send registration data to the Data Communications Company (DCC) will be removed. Instead it will be the CSS who are required to send registration data instead.

The current obligations for the DCC to send Smart Meter information to Networks via the RDPs will remain unchanged.

In Autumn this year, Ofgem plan to issue a consultation setting out the consequential changes to the SEC and other industry Codes. It is intended to finalise these changes by 2020, at which point the drafting will be placed into a “maintenance period” where drafting will be baselined against any possible new changes. In Q4 2020 Ofgem will issue a direction for the necessary Modifications to be raised with an implementation of 1 April 2021.

In order to provide SEC Parties (particularly Networks) with as much notice as possible, we are publishing the draft legal text for the consequential SEC changes. To emphasise, these are draft documents and we are publishing them to seek feedback from Parties to help develop the required text prior to Ofgem’s consultation. The current drafts are below:

SECAS encourage any interested Parties to provide us with their comments, thoughts or concerns by 25 October 2019 so we can help address them before the autumn consultation is issued. Please contact us by email at SEC.Change@gemserv.com or by calling 0207 090 7755.

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