Key Custodian Nominations

15 August 2019

A Key Custodian is an employee of a SEC Party who holds key shares. Multiple people from across the industry must be present to operate SMKI recovery, and are a requirement of the SMKI Recovery system, vital to ensure the system remains secure.

SEC Appendix L sets outs the SMKI Recovery Procedure. Due to leavers and retirements, new nominations are required from SEC Parties for individuals to become Key Custodians. As a Key Custodian, you are required to attend key ceremonies in South Wales approximately once per year, and be present if a SMKI Recovery event was sanctioned by the SMKI PMA.

If you are interested and would like to nominate yourself or someone in your organisation to become a Key Custodian, we want to hear from you! Please contact the SECAS Security Team at and we will send you a Key Custodian Nomination Form.