MP085 Synchronisation of smart meter voltage measurement periods

Proposer Alan Creighton
Lead Analyst Bradley Baker
Date raised 12/09/2019
StageRefinement Process
Implementation date Unknown
Latest update SECAS will liaise with the Proposer and the DCC to further refine the Proposed Solution.

What is the issue?

The expectation of Electricity Network Parties during the development of the smart meter technical specification was that the average RMS voltage readings from smart meters would be measured across a consistent period. For example with the default being for an average to be made across a 30 minute period starting on the hour and again on the half hour. This is not an explicit requirement codified in Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS) or Great Britain Companion Specification (GBCS).

Without voltage measurements being made in a consistent way, Electricity Network Parties must either i) make conservative, less efficient analysis assumptions to account for the lack of data alignment or ii) recreate synchronised data by downloading high granularity (for example minute resolution) data and calculating the required data.

The full Problem statement can be found here.

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Who is impacted?

Electricity Network Parties

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Schedule 9 'Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications'
SEC Appendix AD 'DCC User Interface Specification'


12 Sep 2019
Draft Proposal raised
15 Nov 2019
Converted to Modification Proposal
04 Mar 2020
Discussed at Working Group

Modification documents

MP085 October 2020 Working Group meeting summary
MP085 Business Requirements
MP085 DCC Preliminary Assessment
MP085 Legal Text
MP085 Modification Report
MP085 March 2020 Working Group meeting summary
DP085 Problem Statement
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