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SEC v40.0 published for the June 2021 SEC Release

24 June 2021

SEC version 40.0 came into effect on 24 June 2021 to implement the June 2021 SEC Release. This included five Modification Proposals:


Summary of changes

MP106 will insert guidance in SEC Appendix I ‘CH Installation and Maintenance Support Materials’ showing that a response to Service Request 12.1 ‘Request WAN Matrix’ of “ “ (Space) should be interpreted as “Unknown”.

MP144 will amend the charging for Random Sample Privacy assessments so the Other User is charged, rather than it being spread across all DCC Users.

MP146 will remove the date ‘1 January 2021’ from SEC Section H8.16 to futureproof the SEC for Suppliers to continue to provide a service to areas where Wide Area Network (WAN) coverage is yet to be installed.

MP147 will amend the frequency for which the DCC must produce full Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) extract, from a daily to a weekly basis.

MP153 will amend Section J1.2(b) so that the DCC only has to provide a separate invoice for Communications Hub Finance Charges if that is what is required under the direct agreement with the Approved Finance Party.


Implementation of the SECMP0007 CTSD legal text

The SEC Appendix R ‘Common Test Scenarios Document’ (CTSD) legal text under SECMP0007 ‘Firmware updates to IHDs and PPMIDs’ has also been implemented.

This follows on from the Authority’s approval to bring the CTSD changes under SECMP0007 forward from the November 2021 SEC Release to the June 2021 SEC Release.

More information including the rationale can be found here.


What parts of the SEC were affected?

  • Section H ‘DCC Services’
  • Section I ‘Data Privacy’
  • Section J ‘Charges’
  • Appendix I ‘CH Installation and Maintenance Support’
  • Appendix O ‘SMKI Repository Interface Design Specification’ (not currently available on CodeWorks)


Where can I access the legal text?

The redlined changes for the documents available on CodeWorks can be found via the links below:


The redlining for SEC Appendix O, resulting from MP147, can be found here.

Our Document Log lists the versions of each SEC document now in effect following this release.

You can download clean versions of the individual SEC documents from the SEC and Supporting Documents section of our website or via CodeWorks.


Where can I find further information?

If you have any questions, you can call the SECAS Helpdesk at 020 7090 7755 or email sec.change@gemserv.com.