MP147 SMKI Full Extract

Proposer Chen Chun
Lead Analyst Alison Beard
Date raised 23/10/2020
Implementation date June 2021 SEC Release
Latest update This modification was implemented on 24 June 2021 in the June 2021 SEC Release.

What is the issue?

Currently the DCC is required by SEC Appendix O ‘SMKI Repository Interface Design Specification’, Section 2.3.3 to produce a full SMKI extract every day. The full SMKI extract is currently 16GB in size and will only grow as Devices are added to the DCC ecosystem. This full extract is now taking more than 24 hours for the DCC to produce and several hours for Parties to download.

What is the solution?

The DCC seek to amend the frequency in which the full SMKI extract is produced, from a daily to a weekly basis with seven daily incremental updates.

Who is impacted?


What SEC documents are affected?

‘SEC Appendix O ‘SMKI Repository Interface Design Specification’


20 Oct 2020
Draft Proposal Raised
13 Nov 2020
Converted to Modification Proposal
17 Nov 2020
Modification discussed with SMKI PMA
23 Nov 2020
Solution development
06 Jan 2021
Modification discussed with Working Group
25 Jan 2021
Refinement Consultation
12 Mar 2021
Modification Report approved by Panel
15 Mar 2021
06 Apr 2021
Modification Report Consultation
21 Apr 2021
Change Board vote
24 Jun 2021
Modification implemented

Modification documents

MP147 Conclusions Report
MP147 Modification Report Consultation
MP147 Legal Text v1.0
MP147 Modification Report
MP147 Refinement Consultation Response
MP147 Refinement Consultation
MP147 'SMKI Full Extract’ Working Group Summary
DP147 Draft Proposal
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