MP141 SRV Visibility for Devices on SSI

Proposer Clive Hallam
Lead Analyst Khaleda Hussain
Date raised 24/08/2020
StagePending Implementation
Implementation date 3 November 2022
Latest update On 26 January 2022 the Change Board voted to approve this modification under Self-Governance. This modification will be implemented in the November 2022 SEC Release (Thursday 3 November 2022).

What is the issue?

Supplier Parties are currently unable to view Service Request Variants (SRVs) or Service Responses from other Service Users that they receive on their Devices. This is due to an obligation in the SEC that states only an individual User can view the SRVs and Service Responses they send or receive. This therefore leads to SRVs and Service Responses being received by Users which lack visibility or information, which is causing issues where they may be high priority or have security implications.

What is the solution?

To allow all Responsible Suppliers and Network Operators to have full visibility of all the SRVs and Service Responses on a Devices they own or have a certificate placed on, via the Self Service Interface (SSI). This will use Service Audit Trail (SAT) data, which will not breach General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to access the list of SRVs and Service Responses.

Who is impacted?

Large Suppliers
Small Suppliers
Network Operators

What SEC documents are affected?

SEC Section H 'DCC Services'

Modification documents

MP141 Conclusions Report v1.0
MP141 Legal Text v1.0
MP141 Modification Report Consultation responses
MP141 Modification Report Consultation
MP141 November 2021 Working Group Summary
MP141 DCC Full Impact Assessment
MP141 Refinement Consultation responses
MP141 May 2021 Working Group summary
MP141 Refinement Consultation
MP141 Business Requirements v0.5
MP141 Modification Report v1.0
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